Nautical Themed Baby Shower Ideas – Boats, Ships, Sailboats

Ships, Boats & Nautical Baby Shower Ideas

A nautical baby shower theme will have you smelling the salty ocean air, feeling the sand between your toes, and swaying to the rise and fall of the waves. Shades of sunshine yellow, ocean colors of green and blue, … Cool colors are always a hit for a nautical theme.

There is a short list of possible themes for your nautical baby shower:

  • Ahoy Matey!
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Ahoy it’s a boy
  • Sailboats
  • Ships Ahoy!
  • What Floats Your Boat
  • Anchors Away
  • Sand Castles
  • L’il Sailorman
  • Popeye


Nautical Party Ideas Bobber Lanterns
Add nautical charms to colored bottles, trim with raffia and use shells as bottle stoppers. Use white paper lanterns to make fishing bobbers by painting the bottom half red.
Seaglass Candlesticks Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas
Mix Elmer’s glue with food coloring and paint onto anything glass to create a seaglass effect when it dries. String shells into a party garland. Place shells in a bowl, top with a candle and add starfish or other ocean accents.
Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas
Clear balloons cluster together give the look of sea foam. Fill unique containers with shells. Take old (or distress) wood and nail together, some props and rope, and add mason jars filled with sand.
Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas
Find (or purchase a bag) shells and then just put them in any tiered server you have on hand. Glass vase or jar with sea glass, topped with a candle and nautical accents. Take bits and pieces of driftwood, shells, moss, coral and blend them into an attractive centerpiece.
Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas
Wrap jute around your candles for a nautical flair. Vases filled with marbles or sea stones, add a silk flower and top with a votive. (Make sure your flower is fire retardant.) Hang a fish net and overlay with a triangular flag banner.
Beach Party Ideas Beach Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas
Use a giant clam shell as a floral vase. Coral on driftwood topped with candles makes a cool centerpiece. Make pier posts and top them with goldfish bowls.
Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas Nautical Party Ideas
Fill any jar, bottle, or glass part way with sand and top with a flower. Tie your tableware with lifesaver candies. Clear balloons of different sizes strung together make a cool bubble backdrop.

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