New Trends in Baby Showers for 2012

As with everything times and trends change.  New trends in Baby showers are no different.  We are always looking for the newest trends so that we can keep our readers on top of all things baby showery.

Diaper cakes are still hot when it comes to gift giving and shower decorations.  For those of you new to the shower game, diaper cakes are really cool gifts!  The gift resembles a real, baked cake, but instead of batter, the tiers are made of disposable diapers.  Diaper cakes can be themed to matched your shower event and due double duty as part of the decorations, or they can be completely organic for those who are going “green”.

There is a new trend that is catching on.  It is called a cash registry.  This allows the parents to buy exactly what they would like instead of having to love what someone gives them.  This is a great idea not only for new moms, but for moms having their second or third shower.   You can register at any baby registry or your shower hostess can act as your register.

Then there are those that take advantage of the situation and plan a spa party.  A spa party can take place at an actual spa, in your hostess’s home, or just have a day at a salon.  What woman wouldn’t love to be totally pampered??  Or, if mom is a traditionalist and wants the baby shower, why not spoil her with a gift of relaxation and a few spa products all for her!

Holding showers that include dads is also a hot trend.  Afterall, without dad there wouldn’t be a baby, right?  So, why should he be excluded from all the fun and festivities?  Which leads us to another new trend of dads having their own party – a man party – I like to call it a Daddy Do.    Daddy Dos work a bit different than mommy baby showers.  Guys get to do guy things like barbecue, play poker, of just hang out watching the big game.  Every guest brings a package of diapers (disposable, cloth or organic per the parents wishes).  Because… you can never have too many diapers!!

Having the guys and/or the kids attend mom’s baby shower makes for even more fun and better game ideas.  If it’s summer and dad is a griller, have a barbecue.  At Halloween hold a costume party.  If mom and dad love attending football games, have a tailgate party.  Don’t limit your ideas to a dull afternoon of sitting around and counting jelly beans in a baby bottle.  Make your next baby shower an event everyone will remember!

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