New Year’s Party Ideas

New Year’s Baby Shower Ideas

A New Year’s baby shower theme can be quite exciting, from the traditional New Year’s party food to the noisemakers at a mock midnight countdown. For me New Year’s screams having a black and silver party with elegant touches. But you can go however you like. Remember when planning a party there are no wrong ideas, just regrets for what you didn’t go for! And, don’t forget about Chinese New Year! Add a cool Asian theme to your party! Use the links below to view all the posted ideas, recipes and crafts.


Make a disco ball out of silver cupcake liners. Add LED lights to your decorations. Put LED lights in balloons or just use glowsticks.
Add chair back decorations with sashes and New Year’s dollar store decorations. DIY Black Glitter Champagne Flutes. Use glue, paint brush, black glitter, and a steady hand. Of course you can use any color glitter. Chair back decorations out of ribbons.
Make decoration stands from candlesticks and plates. Attach the plates with silly putty for a temporary decoration. Another disco ball idea – Use a Styrofoam ball and attached sequins with large-headed pins, add a hanger and dance all night! Have sparklers on the table ready to light at midnight.
Sew or glue paper stars together to make streamers or backdrops. Alternating crepe paper streamers in your party colors for a photo backdrop. Centerpieces can be made from noisemakers and candy.
Easy to make photo props for your party pictures. Just make your shape and cut it out of heavy cardstock and glue to a stick. To get balloons to hang down (instead of float up) put a weight in the balloon – like a small marble or fishing weight) before you blow them up. Fill a balloons with confetti, and pop them at midnight.
Clear Christmas ornaments and crystals hung from fishing lie or tulle will shimmer and sparkle during your party. Need music for your party? Send a blank CD with your invitations and ask your guest to fill it with their favorite music. Check out craft downloads for our party hat tutorials.
Make a Sparkly Tree from a branch and sequin strings. Would be cool with twinkle lights too. Take mini battery light strings and stuff them in a glass lantern – Sparkly Lanterns! Use candles and crystal
confetti to add sparkle to your tabletop and decorations.

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