Orange Party Ideas

Orange Baby Shower Ideas

Below are Orange Baby Shower ideas. They are in no particular order.


These photos are for inspiration and ideas only – no links

Fall Decorations
Use faux or hollowed out pumpkins as flower vases.
Add orange flowers to a nut display Add Orange slices to your party punch Decorate with Orange flowers in vases or ceramic cookie jars.
Fall Pumpkin Dip Orange Witches' Brew
Decorate with Fall Leaves and Mason Jars. Serve dips or soups in pumpkin shells. Or, have an orange flavored punch
Orange Party Ideas
Use hollowed out pumpkins as a beverage and ice holder. Orange Candy Bar Use dried corn and candles to make a fall centerpiece.
Nacho Cheese Fountain Decorate with candles and flower petals. Orange Zebra or Tiger Cake

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