Owl Baby Shower Party Food Ideas

Owl Baby Shower Party Ideas


Owl Tree Cake Owl Veggie Tray
Make an Owl Tree out of your cupcakes and pops. Make a veggie tray shaped like an owl.
Watermelon Owl Owl Food
Start with a chocolate iced cupcake. use 2 Oreo halves (cream-side up) and 2 junior mints for the eyes. add a runts banana for the beak. I
personally, don’t know what a “runts banana” is, so I would use a yellow mint.
Carve a watermelon as a buffet table decoration. Okay, this is a little detailed, but give it a shot; sometimes we can surprise ourselves. If you don’t like the outcome, you can always have fruit salad! Fruit owl using a pineapple and a watermelon.
Another Cheese Ball Idea Owl Bagels – use fruit on a cream cheese bagel to make an owl: peach wings, grape feet, strawberry beak, kiwi-banana-blueberries for eyes, apples for the brow. Pear Owls – Pear bodies, apple wings, kiwi eyes, raspberry beak, pear slices for the brow.
Owl Food Owl Cheese Balls
Owl Pretzels – white chocolate, Oreo eyes, licorice brows. Make an owl with your cheese and meat snack tray. Use your favorite cheese call recipe. Then use carrots make up the legs and beak, sliced olives are the eyes, and toasted almond slivers give the bird a ruffled feather look.

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