Red, White & Blue – Patriotic Theme Party Ideas

Patriotic Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

Patriotic parties are a great theme for baby showers, especially for family-style parties. On this page you will find some easy to do decorating ideas, recipe downloads, and some table setting ideas. So, let your imagination run wild and have a great Patriotic theme party baby shower! Use the links below to view all the different ideas, crafts, recipes and links.


Patriotic Patriotic Patriotic
Use a variety of red, white, and blue flowers. Tie a yellow ribbon around the vases if hubby is away in the military. Lawn Stars made with chalk, flour, or spray paint. Decorated Paper Lanterns – glue red and blue rick rack on to white paper lanterns.
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Spray paint a wooden dowel red if you’d like.
Cut a variety of ribbons ranging in length from 15″ to 30″. Screw an eye screw into one of the dowel ends. Thread the ribbons through the hole of the screw eye, as many ribbons as you can squeeze in – knot the ribbons if needed to keep them secure.
Make your own fireworks by adding confetti to balloons and then let everyone pop them.
Use crepe paper or wide ribbon to enhance your party tables.
Patriotic Patriotic Patriotic
Paint bushel baskets, line them with bandannas, and fill with party snacks. Wooden firecrackers. Make your own party hats out of newspaper and scraps from around the house.
Patriotic Walkway – Paint the inside of mason jars red, white, and blue. Fill with sand. Place flags on sticks into the sand. Line your walkway. Patriotic Flowers. Paint clay flower pots in red, white and blue any way you want. Fill with fresh flowers. If you use larger pots, then you can stack the smaller pots in the center of your flowers. Patriotic Cowboy Boots – Get some old cowboy boots that no one wants, a thrift store, etc. and paint them with stars and stripes. Use them as flower pots for one of your party decorations.
Patriotic Mailbox. No link available, but this great decoration is made of ribbons, fireworks, flag bunting, and … yes, beer cans. Patriotic Flower Baskets. Use whatever baskets you have on hand. Paint them anyway you like, and then fill them with fresh plants and flowers. Add flags for a little patriotic charm. Button & Stars Bucket – Go to the Dollar store and get small galvanized buckets. Paint them white. Using a glue gun or super glue adhere red, white and blue buttons to the outside in any pattern you choose. Embellish with painted or wood stars. Use as decoration, planters, utensil holders, etc.
Patriotic Napkin Wreath – Use a grapevine wreath form. Twist the middle of the napkin and insert into the grapevine. Continue around the ring. Fill ring as full as desired. Secure with glue if desired. Hang. Star Topiaries – Use 5″ foam balls, paint to match stars, cut out or make stars with a star-shaped paper punch and scrapbook paper, and attach them to the ball with a pearl topped pin. Insert a dowel into the ball and stabilize in a pot. Patriotic Plastic Cup – Wreath Using red or blue 16 oz plastic cups make a stack out of the cups. Lay the stack on a table and make a circle out of it. Glue the first and last cups together. Accent with a pretty bow and other patriotic symbols.
Patriotic Candle Centerpiece. Make, use or buy a really nice patriotic placemat. Use 3 mason jars and paint 2 red and white, and 1 blue with stars. Tie raffia around the rims. Place candles or LED lights in the jars. Blue Vases Check out the Dollar store for festive vases and spruce up your party with fresh flowers. Watermelon Vases. Save some of the watermelon rinds after you have removed the fruit and turn them into flower pots.
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Patriotic Wreath – grapevine wreath, silk red, white & blue flowers, greenery and a flag. Bandanna Tablecloth.Sew red, white and blue bandannas together to make a tablecloth. Patriotic Pinata. Buy one or make your own from Papier Mâché.
Patriotic Patriotic Patriotic
Balloon Columns. These are obviously purchased, but you can try your hand at recreating something similar. Or, cut bandannas into long triangles and turn them into a festive banner. Balloons & Streamers. Make clusters of patriotic balloons and red, white and blue streamers.
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Bling out galvanized or tin items around the house with red, white and blue sparkly decorations. Window frame with grapevine wreath and flag for inside or outside decoration. Patriotic Decorations
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For areas where space is an issue, try this… use galvanized tubs and buckets to present tableware, cups, etc. Patriotic Photo Backdrop. Take patriotic fabrics and hang them from a cord or wire. Hang in an appropriate area for picture taking. Use a star table runner and red, white and blue votive candles. Make your stars from fabric scraps.
Make a Firecracker centerpiece out of any size round wood (thick dowel up to a fence post). Drill holes and insert thin rope – glue in place. Wrap them together with twine and burlap. Make patriotic windsocks out of paper or tin cans, using ribbon for the streamers. Make your own Patriotic rockets from scrapbook paper with ribbon streamers.
Tableware Presentations
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