Peacock Baby Shower Party Ideas

Peacock Baby Shower Party Ideas

Peacocks are a beautiful bird. Their jewel colors are bright and vibrant, as well as festive. A Peacock Baby Shower can be just as vibrant and festive. However, did you know that some peacocks have only white plumage. Although albino peacocks do exist, this is quite rare and almost all white peacocks are not albinos. They have a different condition called leucism which removes the color pigment and makes them all white with normal eye color. A true albino peacock has pink or red eyes. Whether you go with a jewel tone or white peacock theme, your shower will be beautiful!


PeacockIdea026 PeacockIdea028 PeacockIdea027
Wrap candles with ribbon and accent with peacock feathers. Beautiful peacock. Train could be made from coffee filters, perhaps? Totally cute mini top hat fascinator for mom to wear at the party.
Peacock Ideas PeacockIdea029 PeacockIdea030
Simple centerpiece – mason jars wrapped with burlap secured by ribbon; add flowers and accent with a feather. Use wood letters and decorate with paint the peacock feathers for the nursery. Wall art by punching a few shapes in paint chips, peppering them on a piece of paper, and then frame it for the nursery.
Peacock Ideas LED Lights Peacock Ideas
Thumbprint Shower Guest Book – easily found on Etsy. Black tulle and LED lights – cool backdrop! Fabric on chairs accented with flowers or ribbons. Use all one color or use a range of peacock colors.
Peacock Wreath Peacock Wreath Peacock Wreath
Make a wreath. They would make great game prizes for after the party.
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Lavender candles Purple water candles by adding food coloring to the water. Add feather picks to flowers.
peacockdecos010 peacockdecos05 peacockdecos06
Pom Poms Lanterns and Pom Poms Crepe Paper Globes
Peacock Chair Backs Peacock Letters peacockdecos07
Dress up your chairs, too! Embellish letters as decoration, give to mom for the nursery after the party. Confetti on the tables.
peacock baby shower
Peacock Ideas Peacock Ideas Peacock Blue Backdrop
Glasses or clear vases, crystals in the bottom, tea light on top, with feathers tied on the outside. Put more color into your party with your napkins and plasticware. Dramatic table backdrop – or leave off the table and use for photos.
Peacock Card Box Peacock Pinata
Card Box – Love this idea. Use paper mache boxes from a craft store, decorate with jewel tone paper, ribbons and – of course- peacock feathers.

Gorgeous pinata! Use a balloon pinata tutorial, and decorate as a peacock.

peacock baby shower

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