Photographing Portraits in Vancouver – babies & bellies

Author: Elizabeth Soergel

I love to photograph growing bellies and newborn babies and that is why I offer my clients a package that includes both sessions.

Prenatal photography is a growing trend for new moms and an event well worth photographing. This time goes by so quickly and speaking from experience – it is something that is hard to remember without images to bring you back. Babies grow so quickly and the newborn stage is so precious. After only a month or two parent’s are shocked by how much they grow and the newborn stage, unless photographed is hard to recall.

It’s these reasons that I explain to my clients why it’s so important to have me there as soon after the baby arrives as possible.

When I am doing prenatal photography I recommend doing it within the 8th calendar month of the pregnancy. I find that it’s during this time that mom is still feeling good and her belly is still at a size where posing for shots is comfortable. Always on location – I look for natural light and interesting compositions. It’s important that both compliment my subject and make them look as great as possible.

Baby photography is always a bit more challenging as I always go by the baby’s schedule which can be very unpredictable! I never schedule less than 2 hours for the shoot and work hard to get a big variety of shots. I include details of the baby’s room, baby awake, baby sleeping, baby eating, family groupings, siblings, toys, and anything I can find in the home that represents a new born baby.

About the author:

Elizabeth Soergel is a Vancouver BC based wedding and portrait photographer with over 10 years of experience. She always looks for new and interesting elements when doing prenatal and baby photography so that my work is always fresh and inspiring.  Check out her website for more information

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