Pirate Baby Shower Party Ideas

Pirate Baby Shower Ideas

Can’t decide what color you want for your baby shower party? Well, don’t! Use all the colors of the rainbow! Perfect for a party when the gender of the baby is not known, or for a gender reveal party. Go bold with dark, jewel colors, or go light with pastel colors. Either way your party is bound to be fantastic!


Pirate Ideas Pirate Ideas Pirate Ideas
Fill glass cookie jars with sand and then add pirate items like, hooks, ships, etc. Use things from around the house and make a pirate display Pumpkin Pirate Ship – depending on the time of year, use a pumpkin to make a pirate ship.
Pirate Ideas Pirate Ideas Pirate Ideas
A treasure chest, plastic jewelry, and skull, a bandanna, a fake sword, and lots of wax pearls. Imagine what you could make! A bag of bones, Spanish moss, votive candles, some shells would definitely set the party mood. Old crates and fish nets have unlimited possibilities
Pirate Tattoo Parlor Pirate Ideas Pirate Ideas
Before you take those party photos, have your guests visit the Pirate Tattoo Parlor for temporary tats, black eyeliner for scars/ beards/mustaches, and a mirror to check out their new pirate look. Make a pirate ghost ship using things from around the house and Halloween spider webbing. Cardboard pirate ship photo prop.
Pirate Ideas Pirate Ideas Pirate Ideas
Skulls with or without the sand. Skeletons, strings of pearls, fake jewelry, pirate flags and chocolate gold coins everywhere Painted skulls and boxes/chests of gold coins. Don’t forget the tri-corner hat!
Pirate Ideas
What’s a pirate party without a boat load of skeleton pirates and their booty?

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