Pirate Baby Shower Party Food Ideas

Pirate Baby Shower Ideas


Pirate Food Pirate Food
Make a pirate ship cake pop display holder Pirate Ship made from spaghetti squash and fruit
Pirate Food Pirate Food Pina Colada Punch
Red and white stripe fabric cut it into 2.5″x5″ strips and wrapped around the top of red Tootsie Roll suckers. As you wrap and twist to one side, add a touch of hot glue here and there. The skull cap will adhere to the paper. Put Styrofoam ball in a bucket and then fill with chocolate coins. Insert suckers. Shark’s Blood Punch – red fruit punch frozen into cubes the night before. Then pour sprite in see through plastic cups and gave each guest one, and have them wait for their surprise in it. Use room temperature soda so the red ice will melt faster. Tell your guests the frozen cubes are shark’s blood. The cubes will swirled red in the clear soda. Cool. Pina Colada Punch
I package Blue Raspberry unsweetened kool-aid powder, 3/4 cups sugar, 2 quarts water (according to kool-aid directions), 10 oz Pina Colada Mix, 1- 2 liter bottle of sprite, 1 lemon sliced (optional). Directions – Mix the koolaid powder with sugar and water. Then mix in the Pina Colada mix and sprite. Garnish with lemon slices, a rubber octopus and marshmallow eyes.
Pirate Food Pirate Food Pirate Food
Give your party punch cool names – Like Crocodile’s Blood. Pirate Dogs – Hot Dogs with pirate sails and flags. Use edible gold paint and paint Oreos for Crunchy Pirate Gold Cookies.
Pirate Food Pirate Food Pirate Food
Turn your cake into pirate ships. Watermelon Pirate Ship Glam up your drinks with black and white stripes and pirate flag straws

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