Please, just enjoy visiting during Baby Showers

Why must we have specific behaviors during Baby showers? Have you ever thought about why we have some of the traditions that we do? I was thinking about this the over day as I was wrapping a gift to take to a baby shower that I was invited to. I am at the age where all of my friends are starting their families. This means that I am going to multiple baby showers. Two years ago we were going to multiple weddings so I guess the pattern fits. It does get to be expensive, especially when my husband and I are trying to save money to start our own family.

The reason I was thinking about traditions is that I was wondering who came up with the idea for baby shower games. Every shower that I go to there is some type of game that the hostess wants everyone to participate in. Most everyone groans when they hears that it is time for baby shower games. It seems like most people would rather sit and visit rather than participate in an activity. But for some reason someone from some where decided that participating in games was a necessary part of giving a baby shower.

One of my girl friends was giving a shower for our other friend. I offered to help with the event. One of the baby shower games that she came up with was quite clever. She had bought the mother to be one of the balls that has the different shapes cut in it. It is to help the young child figure out reasoning and different shapes. There are also the shapes included with the ball. The object is to place the star, crescent, square, circle, triangle and rectangle into the ball through the coordinating shaped hole. She also bought her the wooden puzzles that have five or six big pieces. She used these as the baby shower games. Each guest was timed to see how quickly they could put the puzzles together as well as match the shapes into the ball. The puzzles and ball was then given to the mom. This was quite fun to watch people trying to figure out the simple child games. I liked this game much better than the one our other friend had done. She had several different jars of baby food with the labels removed. We had to identify what each of the foods was. Just the smell of many of the foods was nauseating. Of course the women that have babies the age to eat baby food won that game.

I have decided that the next shower I host I will serve great finger foods and different things to drink and encourage people to just enjoy visiting with each other.

Published: 2007-08-17 by Author: Zora

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