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Baby ShowerBy Carol Harbaugh

Baby shower games are a great part of throwing a baby shower and getting all of the guests involved at the party. The games and activities are a way for folk who don’t know one another to interact and enjoy each other’s company while showering attention on the mom-to-be.

One of the most well liked baby shower games to play is Baby Shower Bingo. Each guest needs to be supplied with a BINGO card that are unlike from each other. Each card has a free space in the middle and includes the names of common baby gift items. Each participant is given a pen and a BINGO card and as the mom-to-be opens up the gifts, participants mark the item off their card. Whoever gets a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row marked off wins the game.

“Don’t Call Me Baby“. For this game, one would need to assemble enough large nappy pins for each guest. At the start of the party, each guest would be given a diaper pin and be told that nobody at the party is allowed to say the word “baby”. If someone slips and says “baby”, then the person that catches the slip up gets their diaper pin. At the end of the night, the person who has the most diaper pins wins the game.

“Guess the Waist”. Take a roll of toilet tissue and have each guest tear off as many squares as they think the mom-to-be is around her waist. The winner will be the person who gets the closest to the actual amount squares of toilet tissue after the mom is measured.

” Guess Baby’s Due Date“. On a bit of notebook paper, guests to the party will put their most accurate estimate on when the baby is going to arrive. After the baby is born, the nearest person to the right date due will get a prize.

“Memory“. On a tray, put a variety of baby items like thermometer, dummy, baby food, etc. Give the guests 2 minutes to study the items on the tray and then take the tray away. The guests will be given a pen and paper and need to recall as many things that they can on the tray.

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