Post-Natal Fast Weight Loss With Celebrity Fitness Secrets

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There are a lot of moms out there who have managed to lose post-natal weight fast and get into the best shape of their lives. Here are some celebrity fitness secrets that should help you get started and embrace the challenges of motherhood with better fitness than you have ever had before.

Pregnancy is a tough time from so many different angles, and amongst all the challenges of motherhood, you also have to deal with the problem of trying to lose post-natal weight fast. This is where a lot of celebrity moms can be a huge inspiration. It is almost as though they have a contest amongst themselves to see who will bounce back the fastest. The best part is that most of these celebrity fitness secrets don’t involve obscure and inaccessible methods.

Motivation and Simplicity

A famous Hollywood celebrity has given birth twice, and both times she has managed to lose weight fast and bounce back in record time. The second time round, she lost 30 pounds in a mere four months. The secret? Pure motivation. She did not go in for any unusual weight loss methods. She simply worked out in the gym using weights and cardio, with her personal trainer. However, she got up almost every day at 5 am for her workouts.


Why not do something fun after your pregnancy that will not only help you lose weight fast, but also de-stress. Dancing fits the bill perfectly. A high energy dance form or even a dance-aerobic class will burn a load of calories. We all know that another celebrity who has had her ups and downs, made her dance routine as the major method to lose post-natal weight fast.

Other Kinds of Exercise

Of course, there are celebrities who took some unusual steps to lose their baby weight. One celebrity used the ‘Kill Bill’ sword fighting and martial arts training routines to get back in shape. The aggressive workouts helped her shed about 12 kg in 6 weeks. If you want to do something aggressive too, which is also accessible at the same time, why not enroll with kickboxing classes? Kickboxing has become a very popular weight loss workout lately.

It is said that yet another celebrity joined famous Yoga guru for Kundalini Yoga classes to get her mind and body back in shape after giving birth. Her objective was to stay away from any high impact activities. However, there is one actress who also mentions that she ate healthy and did a lot of walking, both of which you can certainly do in order to lose weight fast.

Exercise and a Happy Mood

Consistent exercise will not only help you lose your baby weight, as these celebrities have demonstrated, it will also release the right hormones to help you control your stress levels and stabilize your mood. This is a major advantage, as mood swings and high stress are very common immediately after childbirth.

Doing it Within your Means

We all know just how rich these celebrities are. Hiring nannies and expensive personal trainers is not a problem for them. However, you may be wondering how you can dedicate so much time to exercise and look after your baby almost single-handedly at the same time. The key is to not be overambitious with your goals. You don’t have to do stage shows or appear in a film. You could target getting back in shape in six months rather than three.

As far as exercise is concerned, try to incorporate it into your daily routine rather than designating special hours for it. Walking is something you could probably do with your baby in a stroller, whether it is for errands or to the neighborhood mall. Also, see if you can use the stairs and do some body weight exercises at home.

Give yourself some time and there is no reason why you should not be able to lose your post-natal weight fast.

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