Pregnant Nausea – Here’re 8 Ways You Can Make The Urge To Throw Up History!

by Ty Lamai

Constantly feeling like throwing up is something that overshadows the joy and pleasure of being pregnant for most women. This feeling and sensation is commonly referred to as morning sickness, even though it may come as a surprise to you that this description is not really apt. This is because this so-called “morning sickness” does not occur only in the morning time; in fact most women experience these feelings throughout the day or at least at other times of the day. Usually easy to treat, pregnancy nausea dissipates after your fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. This article will explain how you can prevent pregnancy nausea and soothe your stomach in eight different ways.

1. You should avoid, as much as possible, all smells that cause you to feel like vomiting. You ought to realize that due to the fact that you are now pregnant, you have a heightened sense of smell. You may pick up smells that you did not usually notice before now. Also, the smells which are offending to you may not be offending to some other pregnant lady so you will need to find out what smells bother you and cause your nausea.

2. Try to drink fluids when you are not eating instead of during meals. This is due to the fact that mixing fluids with your food does not usually sit well with your stomach and can trigger you nausea. More importantly, you need the fluids as a replacement for those you lose when you vomit and also to neutralize your stomach’s acidic nature.

3. Empty stomach and low blood sugar are major reasons why you feel nauseated; to avoid these, you should ensure that your stomach is full. Throughout the day, you should try keeping your belly full by eating small snacks; heavy meals can be too much for your stomach so you should attempt to divide your meals into six small ones instead.

4. Ginger is a great deterrent of nausea. You can opt for ginger in any form; crystallized, liquid, tablets, powder, processed or fresh. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, the following; ginger ale, candied ginger, ginger snap, tea, ginger cookies, capsules of dried ginger, ginger beer (it’s actually non-alcoholic), spicy ginger ale etc. You should try to ensure that when you purchase ginger of any kind, it is one with a high concentration of ginger itself.

5. Ensure that you try to get frequent rest. This is because fatigue is one of the most common catalysts of morning sicknesses. Ironically, morning sickness can also cause you to become week and fatigued. To help alleviate your feeling of nausea, you should ensure that you get a good night’s sleep especially when you feel the most ill.

6. Most of the time when you feel this way, what your body is saying is that its nutrients is low; you should give in to those cravings you have at this point because a balanced diet is not really as important at this point as the needs of your body. The goal here is to stay hydrated and fed at the same time. After your pregnancy nausea passes, you can resume your normal diet.

7. You can use wintergreen and peppermints to alleviate your nausea when it begins. The wintergreens are for your spasmodic stomach, while the peppermint tea is for you to suck on to stay dehydrated.

8. Before leaving your bed in the mornings, you should try nibbling on rice cakes or dry crackers; place these next to your bed at night before you go to bed. Most pregnant women experience their worst bout of nausea just first thing in the morning. If you aim to prevent a full-blown bout of vomiting, you should try eating just before you get out of bed.

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