Prepare Your Baby to Walk with Ease

by: Olga Sysoef

One concern many parents have is teaching their baby to walk. It may seem like it just comes naturally – and to an extent it does! However, there are things you can do to prepare your baby to walk.

Babies don’t just wake up one day and start walking. There’s a natural progression from rolling over, to sitting up, to scooting, to crawling, to pulling up to walking. Teaching your baby to walk easily depends on her mastering those first steps.

When your baby starts to become mobile, it’s important to make sure that your home is a safe environment. Inspect your home to prevent your child from getting hurt on sharp corners, ledges, and stairs while your teaching your baby to walk.

You may also be tempted to head to the store and purchase a walker. However, when you’re teaching your baby to walk it’s important not to use a walker. They can be dangerous and can cause accidents and injuries.

When you’re teaching your baby to walk, you may want to rush out and buy the perfect pair of shoes. However, recent research suggests that babies actually learn to walk better when they’re not wearing shoes.

So save your money and teach your baby to walk without the little tennies. If you want your child to wear shoes, that’s okay, too. Just be aware that they won’t make it easier for your baby to walk.

If you’re going to buy shoes, follow a few simple rules of thumb. When you teach your baby to walk, you must make sure that his shoes are going to help instead of hurt. Look for shoes with flexible soles and flat bottoms. Pass up the high-tops and go for a shoe that allows your baby’s ankle to move.

Also check your baby’s shoe size frequently to make sure he hasn’t outgrown them.

One of the most important things you can do to teach your baby to walk is encourage her to get a lot of exercise. Help her to develop coordination and balance by playing physical games and toys that promote dexterity.

Toys that allow your baby to push or pull are excellent to teach your baby to walk. You can also play by kicking and throwing balls. These little activities will promote eye-hand coordination and balance.

Don’t forget to have fun! You don’t need to push your baby too hard, just enjoy the process while you teach your baby to walk.

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