Quick & Easy Baby Shower Gift Crafts 2

Quick & Easy Baby Shower Gift Crafts 2

Make your own Shower Gift

But not sure what to make? Well here are some ideas for you!


Where an idea is not given, click the photo to go to the tutorial or pattern.

Sun Catchers for the nursery. Layer cheap plastic beads in cake pans (no lining required), melt at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Let cool & then flip them out. Drill a hole in it to make it into a sun catcher.Re-purpose an old leather belt to make a picture frame.Use a clear glass block add dimension with rocks or other base and a family pic inside. Get the blocks that open at Michaels’.
Have a Baby Due Date LotteryProvide a Blessings Board, so guest can leave their blessing for baby.Use a tree leaves painted on a canvas as the shower sign in sheet. Hang in the nursery.
Seating ChartPlacecardsWishes
Use a board and picture frames as table seating charts.Cute flowers in small vases or fish bowls can be used as place cards.Have a Wishes for Baby station with pens, cards and a tree to pin them on.
Mom’s photo on the left – Dad’s photo on the right. In the center a place for guest to sign. Great nursery decoration idea.Baby Shower Sign-In Sheet & Card Holder Keepsake – cute file folder that can hang to the wall with the sign-up sheet on the outside and room enough for the baby shower cards to be kept inside.Print any cute baby’s room graphic, and baby’s name, and using pre-cut circles have guests add wishes for baby as balloons. Another great nursery decoration.
As a special gift for mom, give her a little scrapbook with photos of the baby shower. She will keep it forever!Wrap a floral or leaf garland around the balloon string. Perfect for an outdoor party.How to Fill a Balloon – before you blow it up. Great for a quick balloon Easter pinata Tutorial.
How to Make a Wash Rag Bunny Tutorial“SUSHI” Baby Shower Gift TutorialTake Ice Cream Cones and seal them, roll up a onesie or washcloth (depending on the size of your cone) and insert. Wrap cone with a coordinating ribbon and tie on a baby spoon.
Onesie Cupcake TutorialBaby Socks – get a dozen different socks and roll them up and put them into a egg carton.Baby Washcloth Lollipops Tutorial
BottleNapmatDiaper Babies
Laminated Cotton Cupholder TutorialNap Mat – it rolls up for easy storageDiaper Babies Tutorial
Hobby HorseSock DollToy
Sock Hobby Horse TutorialSock Dolls TutorialLoop Toy Tutorial
DIY Jersey Knit Headbands TutorialPacifier Clip TutorialTeddy Rattle Pattern

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