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Deciding the theme for your baby shower event is one of the most important choices you must make before planning your party. My next series of articles will explore the possibilities of several different themes from the food to the decorations. These are all just ideas to help you tap into your own creativity and get you started. This article is about using a rainbow baby shower theme.

Rainbows have been used a symbol for peace, love, freedom as well as a bridge from one place to another. When used as a baby shower theme, they can represent a change from going to a couple to becoming a family. The birth of a child is an exciting event in any marriage. The rainbow is a symbol of moving from one stage to the next.

Rainbow baby shower theme decorations can be found at party supply store or online. Streamers, piñatas, pompoms, tablecloths, tableware… You can even go a step further and give each guest a rainbow colored lei or boa to dress up the festivities. Below are just a few examples of the decorations and ideas available for rainbow themed baby shower.

Top Left:  Bold Rainbow Power Shower
Bottom Left:  Pastel Rainbow Party Table
Top Right:  Balloons and crepe paper as a backdrop for a light, polka dot tablecloth.
Bottom Right:  Rainbow layered tablecloth from plastic tablecloths.  Brightly colored umbrellas hung upside-down from the ceiling.

Okay, the decorations are under control. Now let’s move onto the food… Ah, the food! The possibilities are truly endless! Cake, cupcakes, desserts, candy, fruit… I could go on and on. Visuals are better. So below are some great photos of rainbow baby shower food.

Rainbow Ideas

Top Left:  Rainbow Fruit Kabobs
Center Left:  Glitter Cupcakes.  You purchase edible glitter online at and
Bottom Left:  Rainbow Cake Pops
Bottom Center:  Rainbow Ice – Freeze colored ice, add to glass in layers. Fill glass with Sierra Mist or 7-Up.
Top Right:  Over the Rainbow Cupcakes
Bottom Right:  Rainbow (Skittles) Cake – Would this take some patience or what?

Cheers To You Cupcakes

Size: 175.02 KB
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Rainbow Sandwich Cookies

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84 times

A rainbow theme baby shower not only has endless possibilities, it represents the endless possibilities that are open to the new parents as they start their family or watch it grow. Let your imagination soar!

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