Rainbow Baby Shower Party Food Ideas

Rainbow Baby Shower Party Ideas


Rainbow IceRainbow Candy Buffet
 Make rainbow ice cubes to chill beverages! At least 24 hours before the day of the party, mix up powdered drink mix packets in a various rainbow colors and freeze different colors in ice cube trays. Using clear cups, pour clear soda and add colored ice cubes right before serving for a colorful and refreshing beverage.Make a rainbow made out of colored M&Ms and lollipops! Spray half a foam circle with red and purple color mist, then make rainbow rows of M&Ms, Skittles, or mini gumballs on the front and insert in swirly lollipops or cookie pops around the top. For the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, sprinkle chocolate gold coins underneath using gold or rainbow chocolate coins.
Rainbow KrispiesRainbow PopsRainbow Favors
 Just add a packet of unsweetened Kool-Aid drink mix to the melted marshmallows before stirring in the puffed rice. Even better, make two batches with two different flavors. When you press the mixture into the pan, marble the two flavors.Great Tip from a Baker. “With any cookies (as this one) that we bake on a stick, we always dip the stick into liquid egg whites before sticking that portion into the cookie. This way, the stick will not fall out! 100% guaranteed!”Take the cookie pop idea to the left and make Rainbow Cookie Pop Favors.  Display them in the rainbow Skittles or other rainbow candy.
Rainbow IceRainbow JelloRainbow Strawberries
Add food coloring to ice and make rainbow drinks with lemon-lime soda.Layer rainbow colors of Jell-O in plastic cups.  Remember to let each layer set before adding the next one.Rainbow Strawberries – dip berries in melted white chocolate, and then roll in rainbow sprinkles.
Rainbow Fruit PlatterRainbow Fruit SkewersRainbow Fruit Skewers
Make Rainbow Fruit Plates in any shape, with skewers or without.

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