Reasons Infants Have Colic

By Jason Rickard

No one really knows the reason that some infants from around 2 weeks old to about 6 months of age have colic. There are varied opinions offered from doctors, mothers, and fathers that have had babies with colic.

Some people believe that colic is caused from gas or intolerance to breast milk or even baby formula. Sometimes, after a child burps or passes gas they may have some relief, but the crying does not cease. Changing type of formula, switching between breast milk and formula also does not change the crying episodes. So, these reasons can be ruled out in the majority of colicky babies.

Nearly every baby has a period of crying in the evening hours and with colicky infants some researchers believe that these babies have a more sensitive feeling during this time that can bring on the sudden crying associated with colic.

Since most babies experiencing Colic curl up in a ball and seem to be in pain, that is the most widely held theory. Studies have been performed on infants with Colic and their brainwaves were measured for signs of pain. There were no signs of pain with any of the babies that were tested. Citing these studies many doctors rule out pain as a possible cause.

Babies need a lot of cuddling and holding during their first few weeks after birth and others believe the transition from the womb to the world can be a major factor in this behavior. The womb has a sound and motion of its own that is hard to simulate in our daily lives. Swaddling the baby before putting them down for the night and playing soft sounds that are similar to the womb has in fact soothed some infants with Colic. Lay your little one in his crib on his side or tummy, never on his back. If you swaddling your baby with his receiving blanket he will feel safe and more secure, similar to being in the womb.

As research improves and more data is collected, there may be a cure for Colic in our lifetime but until this does comeBusiness Management Articles, you can only follow suggestions and wait it out.

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