Rock-A-Bye-Baby Gifts That’ll Rock Their Cradle

by John Smith

Kitting out a new nursery in preparation for the arrival of a new baby is so much fun that many interior designers specialize in just that area. The choice of designs for wall coverings, the delicious and subtle muted and pastel shades of paint for the woodwork and the range of rugs in traditional, novelty or wild and contemporary patterns is immense. If you are at that stage where you are considering how to arrange the baby’s furniture, or which one of the 28 color schemes you will actually settle on, then you need to also consider the cot and cradle and how you want this to be decorated too. There are so many little bits and pieces that can be added to the basic cot and mattress, such as a bumper rail in a cute pattern, dangling mobile, play center with buttons to press and things to turn and twist, for that little love that needs entertaining at 3 o’clock in the morning. Cushions, blankets, duvet covers and so much more are available for you. You need to make the baby’s cot or cradle as cosy and pleasing as possible. It will be the center of your child’s world for quite some time and the tiny person will be spending many hours there, and not necessarily asleep. With so many gadgets and gizmos that are an absolute must, kitting out baby and the cot can eat into your savings. Making a baby gifts wish list and distributing it amongst your friends is a great way of ensuring that they focus on what is needed rather than what they think is just plain cute. They will have the added bonus of being invited round to visit you and your new baby and to see the lovely baby gifts in position in the nursery, and they will be happy in the knowledge that their baby gift is highly appreciated.

Baby blankets are a definite necessity and are both versatile and essential as part of your baby gifts wish list. A baby blanket can enhance a child’s bedroom for many years, right from birth, and will be used for all sorts of other purposes that you, as an adult, just do not have the imagination to think about. Who would have thought that a simple thing like a baby blanket could be converted into an explorer’s tent, the all important sail in a pirate ship, a picnic cloth, Red Riding Hood’s cloak or even a rocket launch pad? As a baby gift, a baby blanket will be gratefully received, even if the recipient already possesses several others, and a baby blanket which is personalised makes a truly individual baby gift. In a choice of pale blue or soft pink, the Handmade Kids’ Blanket is beautifully appliqued with multi -coloured lettering to spell out the new baby’s name and he or she will just love that aspect of it. The popularity of a baby blanket with the ever growing child, and the fact that they will be inseparable, means that it will get quite grubby on a regular basis, especially when it is sailing the high seas with the villains or running away from a stupid but hungry wolf in the woods, and so the fact that these fabulous baby gifts are machine washable is so important.

Once you have got baby off to sleep, and that is easier said than done, you do not want the rest of the family bounding about the place like giant kangaroos, so instead of having to remind them to keep the noise down so as not to disturb the little tiger, a great baby gift of a Personalised Nursery Sign slung elegantly on the outside of the nursery door will do the job for you. This really attractive and trendy baby gift consists of a rectangular piece of reclaimed wood with a distressed finish to the design which tells you to Shhh. This design is personalised with baby’s name and comes in blue or pink pastel shades. All trendy babies and their proud parents will love this baby gift to add to their stylish nursery.

It is never too early to get your young one saving for all those rainy days.

Every child needs a piggy bank and these days the designs are so varied that a sensible kid will probably have several scattered around his or her room.

So set the new baby on a practical path and give a baby gift of a Personalised Little Teddy Money Box. This pretty design is hand painted with cute coloured dots and can be personalised with the baby’s name, just in case there may be any confusion as to who’s dosh is in there.

Looking to the future, but not that far forward, this little baby will be growing and losing teeth like nobody’s business so a really lovely baby gift is a Personalized Tooth Fairy Cushion which can decorate baby’s cot or be hung from a cupboard door as decoration until its tooth pocket needs to be used to collect all of those baby teeth. That way, the Tooth Fairy will know exactly where to find them.

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