Safari and Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

Jungle & Safari Baby Shower Ideas

Jungle and Safari animals are a popular baby shower theme, as well as Nursery decorations. This category includes, Hippos, Giraffes, Lions, and more. I will be developing this page over time. As I find something worth bringing to your attention, I will add it here.


Use green construction paper and thin dowel rods to make palm leaves for decorating.
Jungle Vines Water Bottles LeafGarland
Jungle Vines – brown craft paper or paper bags cut into strips & roll/twist them… cut out leaves with different colors of green construction paper & attach leaves with glue gun. Duct tape is a perfect solution to cover the water bottle labels Use 3 colors of felt to make the leaves and hang it on strips of the darkest green felt. Make them fairly large (because everything’s big in the jungle) and put them over doorways, fireplaces, over windows, and tables.
Balloon Palm Tree Jungle Tree Paper Tree
Balloon Palm Trees Make a round cardboard trunk and then scrunch paper bags around it. Spray paint brown. Use different colored green balloons for the leaves. Decorate with a stuffed monkey or two, or three… Use about 2 rolls of brown packing paper from Wal-Mart. For the leafy vines, use green party decoration from Wal-Mart.
Safari Party Ideas Safari Party Ideas Safari Party Ideas
The coconut trees are just five “leaves” cut out of green construction paper with three brown balloons and 5 strips of crepe in the middle that’s all been all taped together & affixed to the ceiling. Also lots of leis strewn all over the furniture, as well as coconuts (brown balloons) scattered on the floor. Use any plants you have around the house, or borrow from friends. Add a jungle animal and some balloons, and… you have a centerpiece! Crates and animal print balloons. Very unique, and cute.


Pineapple Tree Safari Party Ideas
Enhance your fruit platter with a pineapple palm tree. Veggie tray accented with a carrot palm tree topped with green pepper for fronds.
Safari Party Ideas Safari Party Ideas Safari Party Ideas
Jungle Mud Bath – translates to a chocolate fountain with dippers. Wrap your plasticware in theme colored napkins and secure with animal print tape and a bow. Make animal cookies or cupcakes.
Safari Party Ideas Safari Party Ideas Safari Party Ideas
Wrap drink bottles with burlap and secure with jungle print ribbon. Insert striped straws. Dip pretzel rods in green chocolate and drizzle with dark chocolate for a striped effect. Jungle Vines, or better known as green licorice sticks.


Jungle Animal Candy Skewers. (You can find Gummi or Gummy candy through our affiliate links to the right.)

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