Sensitivity for New Born Babies in Winters

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New born babies are very sensitive and the best protection for them is required in the colder temperatures. During winters infants commonly suffer from diseases like cold, cough and fever. Such health problems on regular basis can weaken the body of the baby as it does not that immune. In order to avoid these problems, the baby should be dressed with the appropriate clothing. The fabric which is used should be warm for the baby so that cold waves may not strike the body. Due to common negligence, some parts of the body are left uncovered. For instance the foot and hand fingers get frost bitten. This can be very harmful for the baby and can weaken the bones. If this cold wave resides in the body of the baby, then the baby faces problems like chest congestion and joint aches.

Coming to the clothing of the baby, mostly babies who are months old are dressed in a one piece dress which is called onsie. Now for winters, the onesie which is preferable for babies is thicker and warmer.

The shades of Baby Onesie which are used in winter are darker as compared to summers. Colors which are normally used are black, dark brown and navy blue. The material which is used in winters for baby onsies are fur coated. The purpose of fur is to provide the baby with the required level of warmth.

Mainly for girls, the used colors are pink and light blue. In winters, the protection of the baby health becomes a tougher task, Due to the colder temperatures, the level of sensitivity increases.

Along with Onesies

The T- Shirt part of the baby onesies used in winters is designed as a tighter outfit so that the cold waves do not harm the baby. In winters, the weather is not that much advantageous for the baby. The entire day, the baby has to be kept indoors, thus the baby may get irritated. The skin of the baby is very sensitive and in winters it even looses more nutrients. Thus the skin of the baby is subjected to further allergies. For this purpose, ointments are used which provide the baby skin with a protection shield. The baby skin also has to be oiled. Various baby oils are available according to the nature of the baby skin. If the onesie which is used is warm enough, then the baby can be put on a carpeted floor without any type of socks. How ever, it is preferred that sock are used to give the baby extra protection from cold weather. A baby onesie is a very comfortable outfit for winters as well. The baby can get the required level of protection if the required fabric is used.

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