Sesame Street Baby Shower Ideas

Sesame Street & Muppet Baby Shower Ideas

Sesame Street is a very popular baby shower theme, as well as Nursery decorations.  There’s Elmo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, just to name a few.  With a Sesame Street theme, generally, you would use bold colors of red, blue, green and yellow.  Other characters may represent softer colors, but the main characters are boldly colored.  This is because children are most attracted to the bold shades of the primary colors – red, blue, yellow, and the secondary color, green.


Game Ideas

Trash Toss – Using an Oscar theme set up a game with a trash can.  Give prize for the most successful tosses in the can.

Rubber Ducks – Using an Ernie theme, set up a “pond” (in a large tub) and let guests fish for rubber ducks.  Each duck has a number on the bottom which corresponds to a prize.

Guess How Many – Using a Count theme, set up a clear container with a lot of small candies inside – like gum balls, etc.  The person who gets closest to the number wins.  You can use various items and have more than 1 jar.


Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
Decoration from ribbons.Decoration using feather balls.
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
 Use construction paper and turned some of your helium balloons into floating characters.Use clay pots to make fish bowl centerpieces.  Fill with candy, cookies, crackers or flowers. Big Bird Balloons
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
 Plastic letters in mason jars topped with colorful flowers and decorate with a bow.Cookie Monster BalloonsUse tulle and construction paper to decorate your party tables in your favorite characters.
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
Sesame Street stuffed dolls on toy blocks as centerpieces, which double as gifts for baby.Decorate photo frames and give as gifts for baby’s room.Elmo Balloons
Sesame Street Ideas
Choose your character and decorate a centerpiece based on the character’s color; and then add tulle, bows, candy, etc..
When choosing stuffed dolls, remember they can be also be gifts to baby.
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasDIY-sesame-street-pole
Absolutely the cutest thing ever!  Cookie Monster under the Dome! Bottles, jars or tins filled with coordinating colored candy an a character topper.Made  out of PVC pipes, a stair case newel, some wood balls and dowel rods.


“Sesame” Street Sign Post Wall Decal Sticker


Elmo Printables

FREE Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables


DIY Sign Post
DIY Sign Post
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasCookie Monster Pinata
Cupcake TowerSesame Street Pom PomsUse the tutorial (same as below) and then wrap with blue crepe paper, make eyes and mouth; and then add a paper cookie
ElmoElmo & Cookie Monster TowelsOscar Pinata
 Crocheted ElmoElmo and Cookie Monster Hooded TowelUse the basic tutorial (click image) to make the shape.  The use green crepe paper around and around, fringed, it to look like fur. The face is just made from construction paper and glued on, and the trash can lid is an inverted tinfoil cake pan with a tinfoil handle and glued on.


Cookie Monster CakeRowlf PopsSesameStCupcakeTutorial
How To Make a Cookie Jar Cake Rowlf Cake PopsSesame Street Cupcake Tutorial


Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
GoldfishTreat Bag TutorialChocolate lollipops in your favorite character(s).


Sesame Street Ideas
Decorate your plastic plates in your character.
Cheese TraySesame Street IdeasElmo Macarons
Cheese Tray Set up a cookie station for guests to decorate their own cookies.  You could even make a contest out of this activity.Use your favorite macaron recipe and make Elmo versions.  Or, mix it up and make several Sesame Street characters.
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
 Dorothy’s Goldfish Fruit and Veggie trays set up as your favorite character. Decorate your favorite cookie into your favorite character.


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Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas


Sesame Street Cupcakes
Sesame Street CupcakesSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas


Kermit CakeSScake3
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
Sesame Street IdeasSesame Street IdeasSesame Street Ideas
Sesame Street IdeasBigBirdCakeSesame Street Ideas

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