Shabby Chic Baby Shower Party Ideas

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Ideas

Can’t decide what color you want for your baby shower party? Well, don’t! Use all the colors of the rainbow! Perfect for a party when the gender of the baby is not known, or for a gender reveal party. Go bold with dark, jewel colors, or go light with pastel colors. Either way your party is bound to be fantastic!


Shabby Chic Ideas Shabby Chic Decorations Shabby Chic Ideas
Make amazing containers out of any tin can, a little paint, some lace, and flower decorations. Purple bottles with pink flowers. A little lace (and some spray-on adhesive) turned these basic Mason jars into gorgeous votive candle holders. Try personalizing this project with the trims and trinkets of your choice.
Shabby Chic Ideas Shabby Chic Ideas Shabby Chic Ideas
Cute centerpiece idea from a berry box filled with raffia or shredded paper and topped with fabric roses. A cinnamon stick is added for scent. Mason jar with short cut flowers, tied with raffia and a strip of beaded burlap, sitting on a lace tablecloth. So sweet. Use lace and paste jewelry to make lovely bottles for decoration or as flower vases.
Altered Mailbox Shabby Chic Ideas Shabby Chic Ideas
Shabby Chic Altered Mailbox – no tutorial (I wish) but click photo to learn more… Wrap your silverware in vintage napkins for a tea party or brunch… Photo backdrop – Take 3 different colored table cloths and cut them into strips. Braid them at the top and let the rest hang.
Shabby Chic Ideas Tulle Balloons Shabby Chic Ideas
Old-time jars make great shabby chic centerpieces. Tulle covered Balloons Practice with some fabric scraps and make shabby roses.
Shabby Chic Ideas Shabby Chic Ideas Shabby Chic Ideas
Burlap, Lace, Daisies, and Baby’s Breathe Aqua and Orange with roses and Baby’s Breathe Paper flower money tree
Lace Tape Shabby Chic Ideas Shabby Chic Ideas
Use Lace Tape on mason jars for a shabby chic look. Click photo for shopping link. Use flowers in jars, garden pots, or any unusual container. Use different doilies to make a unique table runner.
Shabby Chic IdeasHow to Use The Different Types of Burlap

There are a few different kinds of burlap and the type you decide to use for decorating or for your crafting project might depend on how you plan to use it. There are basically 2 different types of burlap that vary in coarseness and texture.

Canvas – Canvas burlap has a slightly looser weave, is softer and works great for home decor. The looser weave is much better for things like curtains, table runners, lampshades, where you want some light to pass through and something that might be touched, sat on, etc.

Hawaiian Hemp – Hawaiian hemp burlap is woven much more tightly and is much coarser. It’s a little itchier. This tighter woven burlap is better for upholstery and crafts where you want sturdiness in the fabric, but doesn’t need to be soft. This would be great for decor, wall hangings, etc.

More Colors Available Now – With burlap becoming more popular as a fabric for decor and crafts, there are now more readily available color selections on the market. Some of the colors that can be purchased now are are black, blue, green, red and shades of off-white.

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