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How to set a cowboy scene

Start off with the centerpiece – a life-size poseable skeleton. Add to the skeleton a red bandana and black cowboy rancher hat and he’ll look like he just stepped off his trusty steed – a 100 years ago, that is. The set also comes with everything you need to set the scene perfectly. With the 14” skeleton vulture to go along with the cowboy skeleton and barbed wire garland, you can accent the scene. The trio of witch brooms, old lantern, and cockroaches give this haunted Western what it needs to take your décor to the next level … (HalloweenCostumes.com)

Skeletons Skeleton Ideas SkeletonIdeas030
35 Ghosts, Skeletons And Skulls For Halloween Decoration. Skeleton Ideas & How to age a skeleton Dress up your skeletons to fit into your party theme.
Halloween Game Trophies Halloween Game Trophies Skeleton Ideas
Turn Dollar store skeletons into unique game trophies. Another trophy idea. Make an eerie Halloween Mantle – Use black lace, black rose bouquets, gauzy black drapes, spiderwebs and rat silhouettes, with a smattering of skeletons and skulls.
Don’t just hang skeletons, give them personality, and of course, friends! Halloween Skeleton Party. Hit the Dollar Store for decorations and skeletons. Arrange at a table for a pretend dinner party.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas - Photo Prop Glitter Skulls
Use dollar store items to make indoor or outdoor decorations. Skeleton Photo Prop Glitter Skull Candles. Get skulls, wood candle and LED candles from the Dollar or Thrift Store. Paint candlesticks black. Hot glue skulls to candlesticks. Use box cutter to cut out hole for candle.
Halloween Party Ideas
Take your pumpkin decorations up a notch by placing spooking scenes inside. Life-size skeletons just sitting around.
Skeleton Ideas
Using your fireplace for decoration is a cool idea. Fill it with bones! Start with a dollar skull, and then add a veiled hat, jewelry, and maybe some small skeletons. Why just put a coffin in your yard. Better to have “someone” breaking out!
Glam up your skeleton with beads and jewels. Bones are great decorations. You can buy them in packs or break up cheap skeletons from the dollar store. Skeleton Row
Gather a group of skeletons to act as spooky yard greeters. Perch the gang on a bench or ledge and add top hats and bow ties. These guys are sure to create a bone-chilling.
Skeleton Ideas
Sometimes something simple can be very effective. Just a skeleton in a bowl with (ugh) spiders and cotton. Decorate with Skeletons. All you need to do is place your skeletons in comical poses. Skelleyware – Offer an unexpected take-home guest with each bundle of silverware grabbed from the buffet table. Tuck a skin-and-bones rubber skeleton in with each silverware setting and wrap it in a black-and-white fabric napkin and ring.

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