Southwest Baby Shower Party Favors

Southwestern & Native American Indian
Baby Shower Party Ideas


Cactus Pin Cushion
Felt Cactus Pincushion – translation required
Southwest Favor Southwest Favor Egg Cup Planters
Succulents or other small plants are inexpensive and easy to grab and go. Guests with a green thumb will appreciate it, and everyone will remember your party as they take care of your gift. DIY macrame necklaces with polished stones or crystals Egg Cup Planters – Succulents in egg cups. Check out for a great selection of egg cups, or paint your own.
Cactus Favor Cactus Favor Southwest Favor
Potted Painted Cactus Rock Favors DIY / tutorial cactus Felt (If your built-in translator doesn’t kick in, here is the Google link to translate a page or URL). DIY Favor Jars.
Favor Bag Dreamcatcher Favor Fluffy Feather Pens
Dreamcatcher Talisman Bag Tutorial DIY Boho Dreamcatcher Favor Tutorial Fluffy Feather Pens Tutorial

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