Sprinkle Shower? What is a Sprinkle Shower?!

What is a Sprinkle Shower?  Well, it seems that a Sprinkle Shower is for moms who already have at least one child and instead of needing everything for the baby and nursery, they just need a ‘sprinkling’ of things to kind of fill in the gaps.


With a Sprinkle Shower, everything works pretty much the same just more emphasis on fun and less emphasis on gifts.  Now this doesn’t mean that the gifts are not important, of course they are.  But guests need to do a little sneaky researching to find out what mom really needs so that she gets plenty of items she really needs.

Chances are the parents already have nursery furniture, but let’s face it – you can never have too many diapers!As hostess for the Sprinkle Shower, you will play an important part in making sure mom has a little of everything she needs.  Let those who are  invited consult with you for what essentials are most needed and then fill in any gaps with those special treasures just for mom.

The list of essentials should include:  diapers (either cloth or disposable per mom’s preference) and diaper wipes; baby products like shampoo, lotion, soap, cotton swabs or balls, comb and brush; baby clothes, baby toys and books.  You get the idea.

Then there are also those extra special gifts you can get just for mom or dad.  We suggest gifts that allow her to relax after a hard day of motherhood, like massage or spa gift sets, a set of relaxing teas or coffees, and – of course – chocolate!  And mom will be forever in your debt if you simply give her an afternoon off!  Make your own certificate giving mom a free afternoon when you will take care of the kids so she can use some those wonderful spa products.

So is a Sprinkle Shower that much different than a New Baby Shower?  Nope.  But you can have just as much fun!


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