St. Patrick’s Baby Shower Party Ideas

St. Patrick’s Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrate with a wee bit of the blarney and use a St. Patrick’s Baby Shower theme for your party event. Green being the color of choice for this theme, but, hey… what color doesn’t go with green! This theme is perfect for any new mom “going green” or who is Eco-friendly conscience. Have a field day with rainbows, pots of gold, frogs or leprechauns, and green drinks and food. You’ll have a blast! Use the links below to view all the different pages of ideas, crafts and recipes.

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St. Patrick's Ideas St. Patrick's Ideas
Layer rainbow-colored M&Ms in a glass bowl. Add some chocolate gold coins and a Lucky Shamrock. Gold painted mason jars accented with tiny shamrocks. Can be used for flowers or cakepops.
St. Patrick's Ideas St. Patrick's Ideas St. Patrick's Ideas
Make a green burlap wreath from scraps you have lying around. Take a picture frame and hot glue greens to it for an easy spring wreath. Make festive photo prop from a frame, a rainbow and leprechaun hat. Cute.
St. Patrick's Ideas St. Patrick's Ideas St. Patrick's Ideas
Green and white flowers Ribbon Candles – secure your favorite St. Patrick’s ribbon around a white candle with a pearl topped pin. Take simple ideas or decorations and frame them to make them a little more special as decorations, or use as game prizes.
St. Patty's Wreath spdeco2 spdeco3
Make a wreath out of deco mesh and a tinsel shamrock. Make a silverware presentation from a napkins and clover, tied with a string. Use green apples and Flowers to make a pretty centerpiece.
Shamrock Clay pot Place Cards
Shamrock Clay pot Place Cards – Get some mini clay pots, paint them green, use black ribbon and cut it to circle the pot as shown, add a buckle and a shamrock name tag. Wooden Clovers – Get a little crafty and make some cute clover decorations. Use a wooden clover blank from the craft store (Hobby Lobby or Michael’s), some wood blocks and dowel rods. Drill holes in the blocks and the bottom of the clover blanks and insert the dowel rod in block and then insert the other end into the clover blank. Paint and decorate with bits of ribbon and lace. Green and Gold Vases – Use Glass Bottles – any size will do; green and gold glitter (from the dollar store), and Pledge “with future shine” floor cleaner. Clean bottles and remove all labels. Once bottles are dry, pour a little of the floor cleaner into the bottle and shake it around to make sure the entire inside is covered. Pour out excess liquid. Pour in glitter and shake. (Use lid of bottle or a folded paper towel to cover opening. Pour out excess glitter.
St. Patrick's Ideas spdeco4
Apothecary Jars with flowers, marbles, fruit and/or nuts. Decorate glass blocks with St. Patrick’s decorations from the Dollar store and pretty matching ribbons. Use dried peas to secure candles in glass candle holders.
Paper flowers in vases with St. Patrick’s ribbons and picks. Or use cloches and decorations from the dollar store, flowers, etc. Paint clay pots in green and accent with a black belt and buckle. Turn upside down and put your flowers through the drainage hole.
Decorate with green plants, Oxalis, and moss. To make the garland hand-draw or trace a shamrock onto green felt. Cut the shamrock, then cut a small slit in the first clover. String the shamrocks together through the slits and hang. Candles in hurricane vases accented with shamrock confetti.
St. Patrick's Decorations
Take whatever you have around the house and make a great table centerpiece. Incorporate a rainbow into your decorations with something as simple as rainbow Skittles candy and marshmallows. Green carnations in tins. Simple yet gorgeous!
St. Patrick's Ideas
Green-Ribbon Wrapped Candle – Basic candles wrapped with green ribbon are simply perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Secure the ribbon with decorative pins. Be sure to monitor the flame so it doesn’t get too close to the ribbon, and never leave a burning candle unattended. Earthy Candle Display – Smooth river rocks and votive candles in rustic clay pots evoke the rocky shores of the Irish coast and companion lighthouses. Place votives in a shallow dish and surround with rocks of various sizes. Tuck in bits of moss for a hint of green. Simply Beautiful Shamrock Wreath
St. Patrick's Ideas St. Patrick's Ideas
Use decorative paper for the shamrock flowers, adhesive spray, twine or ribbon, skewers and a frame. The framed artwork and shamrock banner were created from printables, while the shamrock flowers were created with a template traced onto decorative paper. Using beer mugs, fill them with gold marbles and water, or clear marbles and gold colored water. Using white floral foam, cut it into the diameter of your beer mug, as well as a hole in the center for your flowers. Place it on top of the water and marbles. Insert your flowers – like green carnations, through the center hole.
St. Patrick's Decorations St. Patrick's Ideas
Get wood letters and then glue pennies on the front side. Weave a small string of shamrock garland (with lights if you prefer) and you have a cool decoration. Use green bottles and decorate with ribbon, beads, and shamrocks. Make paper flowers from scrapbook paper, paper, or felt. To use felt, first make your base circle and them cut your petals out and glue them in layers to make the full flower.
St. Patrick's Table
Use green bottles and decorate with ribbon, beads, and shamrocks. Make paper flowers from scrapbook paper, paper, or felt. To use felt, first make your base circle and them cut your petals out and glue them in layers to make the full flower.

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