St. Patrick’s Baby Shower Party Food Ideas

St. Patrick’s Baby Shower Ideas


St. Patrick's Food St. Patrick's Food
Add green food coloring to mashed potatoes, rice, potato salad, or deviled eggs. Green chocolate-covered strawberries.
St. Patrick's Food St. Patrick's Food St. Patrick's Food
St. Patrick Petit Fours Shamrock Cupcakes – Marbles and green food coloring! Simple as that. Easily turns ordinary cupcakes into shamrocks. Green Pasta – add a few drops of green food coloring to drained pasta; mix well.
Rainbow Fruit Skewers St. Patrick's Food Rainbow Jello
Rainbow fruit skewers Shamrock Pops – place a large marshmallow on a lollipop stick, submerge it quickly in a cup of water, and dip in sprinkles to coat. If you’re feeling even more creative, simply use edible color markers to create your own St. Patrick’s Day designs directly on the mallows. Layer rainbow colors of Jell-O in plastic cups. Remember to let each layer set before adding the next one.
St. Patrick's Food St. Patrick's Food Rainbow Fruit Platter
Green Koolaid ice cubes with Sprite. To make your own, just mix up a packet of green Koolaid and pour it into an ice cube tray. Allow them to freeze until hard. Place a handful of cubes into a clear glass and pour Sprite over them. Use your favorite cookie, attach a marshmallow with a dab of icing, skewer, and dip in chocolate. When dry add a shamrock icing accent and a hat band. Arrange fruit in rainbows with dip as the clouds at the end.
St. Patrick's Food
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels decorated for St. Patty’s day. Green Candy Bar Green Deviled Eggs
Shamrock Milkshake
Leprechaun Hats.
Bake your favorite cupcakes and split in half horizontally. Frost the halves and stack; and then frost the sides. Line the outside the cupcake with Pirouette cookies. Then cover the top with Green M&Ms. Decorate with ribbon.
Rice Krispie Treats shaped to look like wings, coated in a tangerine brown sugar glaze. The bleu cheese is marshmallow fluff with bits of marshmallow and the “celery” is green licorice! Shamrock Shake – 3 c vanilla ice cream, 1 1/2 c whole milk, 1/2 t mint extract, 2 dashes mint bitters, green food coloring; blend together; store in freezer. Whipped topping – 1 c heavy cream beaten until medium peaks form, add 1 t. sugar and 1/2 t vanilla and beat until smooth. Top frozen shakes and garnish with mint leaf.
Wrap cupcakes with ribbon and secure with shamrock. Use a craft punch to make shamrocks from spinach for food garnish. Mint Oreos dipped in white chocolate and then green sprinkles.
St. Patrick's Food
Made with Oreos dipped in chocolate, lollipop sticks, and marshmallows. Cucumber Shamrock-shaped Tea Sandwiches. Freeze oranges and limes in cupcake pans and put in green punch.

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