Star Wars Baby Shower Party Ideas

Star Wars Baby Shower Party Ideas


Space Party Ideas
If you have toys like Darth Vader, etc, incorporate them into your decorations. Put glow sticks onto a ceiling fan for a space effect for your party.


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Death Star Globe
Death Star globe (chalk on chalkboard-painted globe) Paper Mache Death Star Pinata


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How to make an Ewok Star Wars Macarons
YodaCookies YodaCake Vader
Star Wars Yoda Cookies Master YODA Cake Tutorial How to make a QUICK and EASY Darth Vader
LegoMillenniumFalcon Yoda YodaSandwiches
Lego Millennium Falcon Cake Step by Step How to Make Yoda from Star Wars Star Wars Yoda Cookie Sandwiches
Death Star Cake LightSaberPretzels
How to Make a Death Star Cake Fabulous R2-D2 and R2-M5 Cakes Light Saber Pretzels



Tye Fighters WookiCake
Tie Fighter Treats: mini marshmallows dipped in melting candy and sandwiched between two Oreo crisps Use your favorite cupcakes to make a Wooki Cake.
Wookie Cookies Death Star Watermelon Light Sabers
Wookie Cookies. Grasshopper cookies, and use a toothpick to draw the lines so they looked more chewy-esque before drawing the face. Or, use packaged cookies and decorate them with frosting. Turn a nice round watermelon into a Death Star. Dip pretzel rods into chocolate and turn them into Light Sabers


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