Stuffed Animals: Best buddy to infants

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Stores are full of wide range of toys and games, but mostly the first choice of small babies and infant is seen to be the stuffed toys.

Often seen that, the child first toys is mostly the Stuffed Animals. It is the brain psychology that even at the age of 1 or 2, a child understands the fact that animals can be the best friend and the best pal to them and hence in stead of being friendly to the humans, a child prefers to be the friend of Stuffed Animals. A child from a very early age starts sharing small moments with their soft toys and they find comfortable being with their favourite toys stuffs rather than with other lively things. Stuffed Animals not only provides a value of a companion, friend and a pal to children but it also offer education benefits to kids of all age groups. Let us have a look how Stuffed toys provides learning.

To Babies: Small babies loves to touch and feel the surface of the stuffed toys; they love to play with the softness of the fur and with the hard eyes of soft toy animals. They also like to chew or suck the toys and this way a child started learning to sense thing with their tongue and tooth.
Toddlers: At the age of two or three, Stuffed animals like dogs, cats, lion and tiger become the favourite of children and they started recognizing things by playing small games with their favourite stuffed toys. At this age learning new things are quite easy and by playing games with their stuffed toys, they even start learning the basic lessons of life which provides them the learning to live a life with dignity.

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