Baby Shower Ideas: The Tea Party Baby Shower

An old saying is: “One picture is worth a thousand words.” When presenting these baby shower ideas to you, that is why we are going out and getting you some great photos to look at. Me, I have very little imagination. But, show me a photo and I can do wonders recreating it!

This article is about the wonderful world of holding a Tea Party Baby Shower. Tea parties are a delight of any young lady, regardless of age. And I for one, have never outgrown the love of holding tea parties. It is of great sadness to me that my granddaughters are passed the age of wanting to sit down with Nana and have a tea party with their dolls. And, there are a lot of ladies out there that would love an opportunity to re-create their youth and go back in time to days of Alice in Wonderland or sunny afternoons in the backyard having tea with their dolls.

When holding a tea party, you can have several themes. Each has its own rewards and as hostess, you can have a memorable event no matter which type of tea party baby shower you decide best fits your party plans. Different types of tea parties are:

  • A Garden Tea Party
  • A Mother-Daughter Tea Party
  • An Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • A Dress Up Tea Party

Your Tea Party baby shower can be a casual or dress up affair and held inside or outside in a park or the hostess’ backyard. When using a garden theme, that lets you expand on your decor with any garden or tea party theme decorations: flowers, ladybugs, bees, frogs, ducks, etc. The photos below are just a sampling of the multitude of tea party baby shower ideas you can find on Pinterest, or just by Googling.

Tea Table Alice Table
Lovely setting using cupcakes as centerpieces Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
Pink Table Tea Table
Pink and Blue table setting Pastel table setting
Tea Table
Cute idea using parasols as
party decorations
Pretty in Pink

Above are some beautiful table setting ideas for either an indoor or outdoor tea party. Below are some ideas for specific tea party themes or just for making your tea party baby shower a little more special.

For an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, maybe you will want to use a card theme for your place cards, theme decorated cupcakes, eat me/drink me favors, and what Alice party would be complete without a game of croquet!

Lawn Croquet Alice in Wonderland Party Signs Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes
Top Hat Alice Absolem Cake
Mini Top Hat Tutorial Absolem the Caterpillar Tutorial Eat Me / Drink Me Party Favors

For a Dress Up , Mother-Daughter, or Garden Tea Party, find a bunch of long skirts, floppy hats, long gloves, etc. If you can not find these items, then try a dollar store for some hats and bead necklaces. Decorate them with faux flowers, feathers, ribbons, bows, tulle, beads and pearls. The more outlandishly they are decorated the more party fun. (A glue gun will be your best friend in this situation.) You could even make decorating the hats as a party game with the best hat winning a prize.

Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Trunk Tea Party Cookies
What’s a Tea Party with out Floppy Hats? …And party costumes! Tea Party Hat Cookies

A tea party theme implies that your touches, including the food, will be elegant and delicate. Beautifully decorated cakes and cookies are a must. Also, a tea party screams finger foods, so I have also given you some examples of some finger foods. There also are recipes on my Recipe page.

Flavored Ice Teas

Size: 193.73 KB
27 times

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches 2

Size: 142.10 KB
60 times

Apple Pie of Roses

Size: 146.50 KB
24 times

Chocolate Treasure Boxes

Size: 85.06 KB
32 times

Out of all these themes, my favorite is the Mother-Daughter Tea Party. What better way to involve the new big sister in planning and preparing for baby to come home than have her as an honored guest at an event with Mom!

My personal feeling is that no matter which type of tea party baby shower you have, dressing up should be involved! There is just something fun about dressing up in long, flowing skirts, big, floppy hats and feather boas, that makes me smile. Regardless of how you present your tea party to your guests, I hope you have a fantastic event and a Fairylicious good time!

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