Ten Tips For Happy Breastfeeding

Breastfeedingby: Julie Cottle

My name is Julie Cottle from NaturalTransition.com and these are my Top 10 tips for happy breastfeeding technique. There are many more suggestions available at my site.

  • – Make sure you are comfortable. Whether you choose to feed lying down or sitting up make sure you are comfortable and will be able to remain comfortable if you have to stay there for an extended period of time. Some mothers choose to sit in a rocking chair or up in bed with pillows behind the back.
  • – Make sure you are have some breastfeeding clothes that open at the front well enough to allow you to hold your baby close to your breast. Better still, go topless while you are learning to breastfeed. This has many advantages. It provides close skin to skin contact with your baby which boosts those warm fuzzy feeling hormones which will make lots of milk.
  • – Hold your baby close and remove any wraps or excess clothing.
  • – Make sure you baby’s entire body is turned towards you so that the hips, tummy and chest are against you.
  • – Gently touch the baby’s mouth with the nipple. Your baby will open its mouth instinctively when you bring the nipple to it. This is the rooting reflex.
  • – Some mothers find it helpful to support the breast with the opposite hand as the baby attaches. If you do this make sure that your hand is well away from the areola so as not to get in the way of the baby’s mouth.
  • – Encourage your baby to open the mouth nice and wide.
  • – As you brush your nipple against the mouth, your baby will open wide for the breast. Avoid moving the breast or chasing the open mouth. Hold the breast still and the natural rooting reflex will help your baby to find the nipple. Just wait for the open mouth and bring your baby nice and close. The tongue will come forward and you baby will latch on. Most of the time this ensures a good, natural attachment. If you have trouble or feel unsure, ask for help.
  • – Bring the baby to the breast rather than the breast to the baby.
  • – You might find it helpful to support your baby behind the shoulders as you bring it to the breast in quick, gentle motion.

Sometimes in spite of a mothers best efforts and all the encouragement and support in the world, breastfeeding challenges cannot be conquered.

You’ll find many more breastfeeding tips at my site http://naturaltransition.com.

If you are having any difficulties with breastfeeding or just need some encouragement, it can be a tremendous help to speak with a breastfeeding counselor, you can call and talk with an Australian Breastfeeding Association counselor by calling 1800Mum2MUM from anywhere in Australia. You can also e-mail me for help and support. Simply visit my site at http://naturaltransition.com

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