The Color Clinic

by: Li Jin

Color is an intriguing thing. It’s all around us, making our world a more exciting and interesting place to be in compared to the inhabitants of other planets who have to contend with just black, white or varying shades of grey and brown.

More intriguing is the fact that color only exists when there is light. The saying ‘All cats are grey in the dark’ goes to show how monotonous and boring one’s life would be if they perpetually hid away from the sun.

Healers believed that colours are powerful because they contain energy. Their level of vibrational energy determines whether they emit warmth or coolness. Used correctly, colours can be used to calm, energise and inspire emotional or physical responses.

According to psychics, colors are used for healing in various ways, such as:Color

•Meditation or visualisation

•Wearing colours to affect moods

•Using colours in the home

•Eating foods whose colors may benefit our bodies

Here are some tips on how to use colo
rs to make a difference in your life:


Qualities: A powerful color associated with ambition and vitality.

Generates energy and stimulates the body and nervous system

For meditation: Used to dispel selfishness, aggression and anger. The positive focus is on courage, anticipation, enthusiasm and excitement.

Key words: “I wish to change, I have courage, I accept life’s challenges, I feel alive.”

In the home: Areas of physical activity such as playrooms, or rooms that are used for physical work outs. If used in the bedroom, may induce passion but also insomnia and restlessness.

In food: To stimulate the physical energies. Examples are apples, tomatoes, cherries, red plums, radishes, red cabbage, strawberries, cloves, beets and spinach

In health:

•Physical exhaustion

•Worry and fear

•Helps raise blood pressure and blood circulation

•Ward off colds and chills


Qualities: A joyous color. Balances body energy, removes fear or inhibitions, encourages new ideas and stimulates the nerves.

For meditation: Dispels hate, bitterness and grievances

Key words: “I forgive and let go of the past , I wish to resolve all hurts”

In the home: Rooms that are used for entertainment or studies

In food: To stimulate the mind, balance the emotions and activate physical energy. Examples are apricots, pumpkins, carrots, cantaloupes, mangoes, saffron and nectarines.

In health:

•Lungs, bronchitis and asthma

•Emotional stress

•Kidney problems

•Relaxes muscle spasms and cramps


Qualities: A happy, bright, and uplifting color. Connects with the intellect, awakens and stimulates mental function. Dispels depression and promotes optimism.

For meditation: To dispel judgement, criticism and the inability to enjoy life.

Key words: “I am full of joy, I attract new friends, feelings, and thoughts.”

In the home: Can be used anywhere in the house, especially in the study room or library

In food: To induce mental and physical aliveness. Examples are bananas, coffee, corn, eggs, lemons, pineapple, prunes, rhubarb, yellow squash, prunes and yam

In health:

•Depression and anxiety

•Stomach troubles


•Hearing loss

•For the skin and liver


Qualities: The colour of Nature, of love and caring. Relaxes and soothes tension in muscles and nerves. Brings harmony, promotes determination, patience and efficacy

For meditation: Dispels jealousy, possessiveness and insecurity

Key words: “I am one with my life , I am secure in my life, I feel love and harmony around me.”

In the home: Rooms that require rest and relaxation such as bedrooms or kitchen

In food: Helps create a balance to mental and emotional stress. Examples are avocado, beans, peas, zucchini, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and olives

In health:

•High blood pressure


•Nervous disorders and muscle tension


Qualities: Peaceful and relaxing. Works to soothe distraught nerves and mental anguish and increase feeling of security and inner peace.

For meditation: To induce trust and decisiveness in your life and dispel weak wills

Key words: “I’ll not surrender to the whims of others, I am strong and confident. I am in control of my life.”

In the home: Great for bedrooms, dens and in small rooms

In food: To soothe mental and nervous tension with sedating effect. Examples are blueberries, grapes, and blue plums.

In health:

•Sore eyes, earaches, nausea

•Infections and inflammations

•Sore throat, laryngitis and hoarseness


Qualities: Induces the desire to learn more about hidden knowledge and the meaning of life

For meditation: Dispels frustration and lack of self worth. It enforces the intuition, responsibility and develops self worth

Key words: “I am creative and inspired, I am confident, I believe in myself.”

In the home: Library or study room

In food: Creates a sense of peace, stimulates thoughts and inspires one to study. Examples are blackberries, eggplant and purple grapes


Qualities: The colour of purity. Invokes sense of protection, bringing peace and comfort, alleviating emotional shock and despair, and helps cleansing of emotions, thoughts, and spirit

For meditation: Produces qualities of perfection, truth, love and wholeness. Helps balance all negative traits and attitudes.

Key words: “I am perfect and loving, I am the light of my world , I am at peace with myself and all things.”

Adapted from: The Universal Psychic Guild, USA.

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