Top 10 Baby Gifts For the Perfect Shower

By Declan Tobin

There is nothing that quite compares to the news of hearing your expecting apart from the first time you bring your new baby home. Whether your choosing for your self or for a family or friend it is important to choose the right gift that shows you put a great deal of though into the gift. Here are samples of some of the more popular baby gifts.

• Baby Diaper cake: this is a perfect gift as it is visually pleasing to the eye in colourful baby blue pink or neutrals and is a very practical gift as the baby essentials such as Diapers, Baby toiletries, Pacifier, baby bottles and baby formula are included.

• Baby monitor: This is a gift that gives peace of mind for both mom and dad it acts like an extra pair of eyes and ears for extra security. Technological advances mean it is possible to monitor baby by sound and sight. The high Tec equipment monitors baby breathing and movement and includes a sound alarm and low battery indicator depending on whether the system is wireless or wired to the mains.

• Mobiles are the great idea to attaché to a baby’s crib as they are colourful and musical and can soothe baby to sleep and entertain a baby first thing in the morning these multi coloured gifts will stimulate the baby’s brain and will amuse an other wise unsettled baby for the first few nights until he or she is used to their new surroundings.

• Gift baskets are a popular gift that can be hand made by choosing different gift on a weekly basis until the baby us born or can be shop bought, like the baby diaper cake, but you can be more adventures and add all of the essentials such as diapers toiletries, bottles, pacifiers, baby comb brush cup, plate, fork, baby clothes lotions, formula, baby toys, books, photo frames, tiffany rattle, baby silver identity personalised bracelet, personalised baby clothes and accessories for that truly personal touch.

• Baby early learning toys are an educational as well as a stimulating and soothing gift. Educational gift can help with hand to eye coordination and are self soothing as well as providing reassurance for baby. Colours shapes and sounds will stimulate baby’s brain and encourage a sense of independence. Toys that hang from the crib or baby bed will teach baby from and early age the 4 senses of sight, sound, smell touch and taste.

• Baby clothes are a very practical gift for baby and mom and dad as you can never have enough baby clothes as baby constantly needs to be changed. A gift of baby sleeper’s bibs, hats, booties, vests romper suits and all in one winter suits, hats and gloves are perfect.

• For parents who have everything a gift certificate or voucher mean that at a later stage the parents can buy something they might need at a later stage. A gift of time in terms of babysitting or the preparation of a meal or giving “me” time to both parents is a unique gift that is epically thoughtful.

• A baby stroller is quite an expensive gift generally give by close family or friends the gift of independence and mobility for the parents is a great gift.

• A high chair for when baby is on solid food and learning to feed him or her self

• Gift jewelry of a personalised bracelet with a personally inscribed verse or the name and date of the baby’s birth is a gift for a life time to be treasured. Personalised baby nursery gifts from photo frames to wall art baby blankets and baby portrait picture gift certificate. A piece of baby furniture such as a baby changer set portable or free- standing, chest of drawers baby box blanket or rocking chair or horse will look well in any nursery décor.

There are a multitude of baby gifts that can be shop bought or hand made for that personal touch the gift of time, money, gift vouchers or presents are all welcomed by parents generally. If it is possible to ask the parent their preference in terms of gifts or if there is a list like a wedding gift list it should make the choice much easier. The internet is a good place to start in the search for the perfect baby shower gift.

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