Unicorn Baby Shower Food Ideas

Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas


Let everyone make unicorn horns from sugar wafer ice cream cones.
Unicorn Ideas Curlicues
Use unicorn cookie cutters on your melons. Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie dipped in white candy melts. Simply add some candy eyes and a small marshmallow cut diagonally for the ears. Use an edible black marker to draw the nose on a white candy melt. Then cut the mane out of blue fondant using a mini daisy cutter. Carefully cut the tip off of an ice cream cone for the horn. Unicorn Mane – Rainbow fondant curlicues made by rolling multiple color strips of the fondant side by side very thin and slicing strips to curl around a chopstick, sliding them off and setting them aside to harden ahead of time.
Unicorn Food Unicorn Food
Make a unicorn cake from cupcakes. Unicorn Horn candy. Put Unicorn cake balls in a chocolate candy cup.

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