Unusual Baby Shower Gifts For The Child Who Has Everything

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Showers are such happy occasions for friends and family when they gather with gifts and well wishes for a new arrival. Often the family already has everything they could possibly need for the new arrival, especially if they already have children, and you may struggle to decide on an interesting and unique gift that the infant does not already have. There are many unusual baby shower gifts which provide unique and original presents for the newcomer.

Bring a small potted tree topped with a pink or blue ribbon. This will be planted in the yard of the expectant family to honor the new arrival. Photos taken with the child next to the tree on each upcoming birthday will be a real conversation piece every year.

Open a savings account in the child’s name. Deposit money in the account every year for that child’s birthday and at Christmas time. By the time he is older, he will have a portion of college paid for or a sum of money to put down toward a house or wedding. Invite others to add to the funds on special occasions also. Keep track of all contributors and add names to the card when the child actually receives the funds.

A digital or small movie camera is a gift that keeps on giving. It can be utilized at the baby shower, the birth, the Christening and all the birthday parties to come. Including batteries, extra memory cards and photo albums is also a very thoughtful gesture. A gift certificate to a photography studio would also be well received. It could be used just for the new arrival’s photos or for the entire family. Including picture frames in standard sizes with this is also a nice touch.

Donating a sum of money in the child’s name is a very giving gesture especially if he already has all the clothing and equipment that he could possibly need. A sum could be given to the same charity in the little one’s name to commemorate every birthday also. This would set an example to the child in later years, showing him how important it is to make generosity and sharing with those less fortunate a part of life.

unusual baby shower gifts could include a gift certificate for a nanny or maid service. It would help make a new mother’s life with her new baby less stressful and more focused. A clean house or a few hours of alone time can re-energize both parents so they can spend time together to make plans for the new family member.

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