Valentine Baby Shower Ideas

Valentine Baby Shower Party Ideas

What better way to welcome baby than with a Valentines Baby Shower! Valentines are all about love, and so are babies! Is it any wonder that February’s most popular holiday is a also a very popular baby shower theme? Normally one would select the colors of red, pink and white for this theme. But who says you have to be normal? If you want to use more neutral colors, add blue, green, yellow, or purple. Companion themes would be any party with hearts as a theme, or the colors white, pink, or red. The links for pages appear below. Check them all out!


Heart Garland Valentine Ideas Heart Guestbook
Paint Chip Garland: This is essentially free! Pick paint chip colors that fit your color schemes, punch with heart punch, string together into a garland, and voila! Using leftover Christmas candy canes, make hearts and then arrange into a vase with crinkle paper. Instead of a guest book, use cardboard hearts. Have guests write their names on the hearts and put in the glass box.
Heart Backdrop
Heart Back Drop by stringing hearts together. Use red, white, pink, or any combination to achieve a photo backdrop. Use any white, pink or red flowers to make a pretty floral display. Fold craft or scrapbook paper into equal sized folds. Using scissors round the ends. Fold in half and secure with a paper clip or staple. If you wish you can cut small shapes along the sides.
Cover a vase with shiny red wrapping paper and fill with heart twigs from the dollar store. Make gumball decorations by painting clay pots and drip dishes, and then using fish bowls filled with candy. Paint a milk jug red and fill with heart sticks.
Make a heart banner and use curly ribbon to glam it up. Make floral centerpieces with glass vases and carnations and instead of water fill the vase with red candy or nuts. Make decorations out of mason jars, fabric scraps, and a tea light.
Make party banners by using scraps of the red, white and pink fabric. Wrap your chairs with red tulle or gauze. Secure with a pretty valentine pick or pin. Cute vase treatment – wrap them with pretty ribbons by making multiple bows.
Valentine Ideas Valentine Ideas
Use silk rose petals around a votive candle. Quick and Easy Valentines Decor Tutorial – click on photo Using large hurricane or glass jars, insert a candle and then secure with Valentine candy or little wax hearts
Candles Floating Candles Valentine Ideas
Tall glass jars insert silk or fresh flowers add water and top with a votive candle. Floating candles and tulips in a pretty glass container. Check out the dollar stores for Valentine decorations on a stick and make centerpieces.
Heart Candle Red White Candles Heart Tree
Use hurricane shades, add a pillar candle and secure with hearts, tinsel, or confetti. Start with a basic red and white centerpiece and embellish as you like. Hearts on a Stick: Use multiple sticks. If you have a vase, find some sticks and glue or even tape some hearts on them. Easy!
Valentine Ideas
Make a Heart Tree from a branch and some homemade hearts from either paper cutouts or crafting. Balloon Columns Use and old picture frame, paint it any color, and add decorations for the season .
Candy Tree
Bud vases with sequins added to the water. Make a Tulle Garland in the pink or red.
Apothecary jars filled with candy and heart trees made from Valentine heart candy. Add heart doilies to light strings. Use mirrors and flowers for table decorations.
Valentine Ideas
Take old cans, clean them, cover the outside with paper and decorate with hearts. Insert floral foam into the can and add hearts on sticks, decorated with ribbons and/or lace. Paper flowers on sticks or straws inserted into a mason jar and fill the jar with Valentine candy. Sew heart pockets and fill them with mini flowers, lace and hearts.
Valentine Ideas
Decorate wood letters and add a floral centerpiece. “Baby” is also appropriate. Cut small paper hearts or use pre-cut ones and fold them in halves or thirds and sprinkle them around your table settings. Using pillar glass jars add pink blossom branches or pink flowers and fill the jars with water.
Red Party Ideas
Using glass candle jars insert candle and add small conversation hearts, or glue hearts to the outside of a pillar candle, or just scatter at the base of one. Check the dollar or craft stores for heart bouquet decorations and use them to decorate your candles. Fill glass jars with clear marbles, add and opened rose, fill with water and top with a floating candle.
Heart Garland Valentine Ideas
Make a heart bunting. Connect the hearts with ribbon or twine. Get some wooden heart templates from the craft store. Paint them, decorate them with ribbons and if you wish tie them together with cord, hemp, or twine. Paper craft Pinwheels.

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