Baby Shower Ideas: More Valentine’s Baby Shower Party Ideas

Valentine’s and babies have something in common – they are both all about love! It stands to reason that using a Valentine’s or Heart themed baby shower will be a wonderful affair for both the hostess and her guests. And, with this theme you can go basic and simple or over the top and elegant. Normally one would select the colors of red, pink and white for this theme. But who says you have to be normal? If you want to use more neutral colors, add blue, green, yellow, or purple.

Let’s start with some simple, basic Valentine decoration ideas. Red and white balloons, maybe some DIY bunting, and red plastic tableware on a striped or white tablecloth. That’s easy enough!

Balloons are an inexpensive way to decorate for any party. There are lots of ways to use them. To add a little flair to your party, use some red tulle or tissue paper and a chair back tie. Secure with a knot, bow, or pin. Plastic tableware is a great way to set your table. You can find any color of plates, heart shaped plates are usually available around Valentine’s. Add a simple centerpiece and decorate the table with some heart confetti.
Use paper doilies in red, pink or white to make a banner and accent with curling ribbon. Click on the photo to go to the tutorial for this decoration. Use pre-made Valentine hearts to make a banner. Either thread them with ribbon or twine, or glue them. You can use all the same size hearts or use different sized ones.

The above ideas are simple to do and any of them will make great party decorations. But… what if you want to go to another level? Perhaps you want to go a little more shabby chic, elegant or glamorous? Well, let’s see what we can do with those style ideas…


Valentine Ideas
Use silk flowers and bits of lace or tulle with some faux greenery to make centerpieces or vases from old tins. Make a banner (or bunting) from fabric scraps. Dress up some pillar candles on varying length candlesticks with lace and fabric.


Real rose petals create an elegant candle votive. Use just a light drop of glue at the base of the petal and a vine embellishment, or even ribbon to hold it’s upright position on the glass. Simple and elegant Valentine’s centerpiece. Floating candles and tulips are elegant and romantic in a pretty glass container. Use mirrored vases filled with fresh flowers throughout your table. Use all the same color flowers or mix them up.


Place pillar candle vases on a mirrored tray. Put clear marbles or crystals in the bottom of the vases. Then place a fresh or faux rose on the marbles, fill with water and top with a floating candle. Use candle vases and place wide or pillar candles in the vases. Fill around the candles with silk flower appliques (found the sewing department with the notions). Put hurricane vases and and fill around them with red Christmas ornaments. Put fresh or silk flowers in the vases.


Elegant Favors
Layer the sweet ingredients for homemade peppermint hot chocolate in a jar, add a ribbon and a tag, and you have a simple but stylish party favor. Elegant favor box can be made from craft boxes from a craft or dollar store. Dress them up with silk flowers, lace, and seed pearls. Glamorous favor boxes can be made from cookies by gluing square sugar cookies together to form a box with icing. Fill the boxes with faux pearls or candy.

We have covered decorations and party favors. A huge part of any party is always the FOOD! I love the food. There are tons of recipes for heart-shaped and Valentine’s food. But we’ll save you some time and give you a few recipes here. For more ideas and recipes, please visit our Valentine Theme page.

Whatever style baby shower you decide to have,
may it be filled with laughter, joy, and friendship!


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