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WhisperingBy Iris Shamble
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What does it take to walk it out as a Mother? It takes love, patience and most of all it takes prayer. We can’t achieve great things in life without prayer. Daily intimacy with God will set the path for our day. Be determined you will succeed at everything you set your hands to as a Mother. As a Mother we have to present our self to our children with no threat. No threat in a sense that they feel comfortable to talk with us on any thing that comes their way. We must not only make our self available for them, but with their friends that they spend time with. Hey – they may gripe, they may complain, but they will get over it.

These are days that are imperative in our training. Proverbs 22:16. Sex and drugs are at an alarming rate with our young people and we must be available in every way we can. Influence and peer pressure can be a big distraction for our children. It is normal for our children to be influenced. However, what type of influence is crucial. We must pray for friends and families to be placed with our children that will share our same goals, faith and dreams in life.

One thing I have learned with young people, make sure you don’t close in on them too fast. That will turn them off in a heart beat. I have learned this and still learning with my girls. If they aren’t ready to talk, we have to bag up to a degree and give them their space. When it is time to roll in on them, they will come around. Approaching young people sometimes is almost like walking on a land mine. Be-ware!!!!

I can’t express this more “Be Available”. If something doesn’t agree with your spirit and it feels uncomfortable about your child or situation. Let it be known. We are help to help our children and not hurt them. I share this with my girls often. Why do you think girls are searching for love through sex, drugs and many relationships? Because no one spent quality time with them. Because situations came upon them at an age and time that caused great harm to them. Why are our young guys trying to sleep with as many young girls as they can? Because they don’t have a role model that share what a quality family life should be. Nor have they been taught how a real man treats a lady. They have had no one implement a true relationship. It is definitely not about having sex with whomever you can.

A lot of our young girl and guys are in more danger because lots of parents don’t have the guts to say “No”. No you can’t go to this party tonight – No you are not ready to date yet – No you can’t sleep over Jane’s house tonight “No you can’t wear that skirt clear up your behind. I share with my girls “what you are willing to show – you are willing to share”. When you dress sleazy – you attract sleazy. I tell them you are much better than that. Jeremiah 29:11 after all, more than likely, they are going to have to walk it out as a Mother one dayFind Article, and we must prepare them for this journey in a positive way.

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