Watermelon Baby Bassinet or Baby Carriage

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I found these great pics of a Watermelon Baby Bassinet online, but couldn’t find a recipe at the time. And, frankly, it didn’t look that hard to do. So, I am posting the pics here that I found on Pinterest with my suggested instructions and ingredients. This is obviously a recipe that you use however you wish.

(You can now download the directions below)

Watermelon Bassinet

What you will need:

  • 1 watermelon, with a nice oval shape
  • 1 cantaloupe
  • 1 honeydew
  • Seedless grapes – purple and/or green
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • kiwis
  • 1 pacifier

Make it

Wash all fruit well, rinse and let dry. Cut open and clean the cantaloupe and honeydew melons and then scoop into balls with a melon baller. If you want to use the baby face, leave a large piece of cantaloupe that can be place on top of the fruit as decorated as a face. You can use any style or shape melon baller.

Carefully cut the top of the watermelon so that you are only cutting off 1/4 quarter (or half the top). First use your melon baller to scoop out the 1/4 of the watermelon you cut off, and then use the melon baller to remove the rest of the watermelon, leaving a empty rind, which you can save for later if you decide to use the right photo.

If you wish to use the carved style in the right photo, before filling the watermelon, carve out triangles, making a ridge effect around the cut edge. Take the leftover rind from the part you removed and cut it into a handlebar shape. Insert into the fruit as you fill the boat.

Now you can fill the empty 3/4 watermelon boat with the fruit you have prepared. Then in the bonnet of the boat, place your large piece of cantaloupe with the rounded side up. Use 2 cantaloupe balls for the ears and attach with toothpicks, 2 purple grape halves for the eyes, 1/2 cantaloupe ball for the nose, and then make a small hole and insert the pacifier for the mouth.

Garnish with any leftover fruit. The right photo uses orange slices for the wheels, removing part of the rind to give them a stripped effect. Use toothpicks to attach to the boat and then cover the picks with watermelon balls.

Watermelon Baby Bassinet

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What is a Melon baller?

Melonballer Melonballer
Traditional Style, 2-ended, with a small on one end and larger scoop on the other.

Fancy Heart Melon baller.

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(Downloadable Directions are provided when they are available.)

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