Watermelon Baby Shower Food Ideas

Watermelon Baby Shower Party Ideas


Frozen Watermelon Unicorn Ideas Watermelon Dippers
Chocolate Covered Frozen Watermelon. Use cookie cutters to add some fun to your food Watermelon Dippers
Watermelon Pops Cake Watermelon Bites VodkaWatermelon
Make green and pink cakepops. Plate them to look like slice of watermelon. Use edible gel for the seeds. Watermelon Feta Basil Bites – cube cheese and watermelon and hold them together with basil using a toothpick. Optional: finish it off with fresh pepper and sprinkle of olive oil for the best taste. 1 bottle of Vodka (One 1.14 litre bottle) {really an alcohol} 1 Watermelon (Large) Instructions: Cut a hole into the top of the watermelon. Put the vodka into the hole and let it soak in the watermelon overnight. Cut the top off the watermelon and enjoy!
Watermelon Macarons Watermelon Cupcakes Watermelon Jerky
Make watermelon themed macarons. Fresh Watermelon Cupcakes – Put a thick lime slice in the bottom of the cupcake liners, added a watermelon lollipop then topped with chilled melon balls Watermelon Jerky – slice the watermelon to about 1/4″ thick strips and put in my dehydrator at 135F for the day. Once they were dried out and firm, put into a ziploc bag.
Watermelon Cupcakes Watermelon Cake Watermelon Chocolates
Green cupcakes with fondant ants and watermelon fruit slices. Watermelon and fruit cake Watermelon chocolate candies with Wilton Candy Melts, a chocolate candy mold, and an edible black food marker.
Watermelon Cones Watermelon Train Carved Watermelon Rose
Use colored ice cream cone and use an edible marker to make the seeds. Top with a scoop of fresh watermelon. Make a Watermelon Train… …or Rose.
Watermelon Ideas Watermelon Candy Buffet Watermelon Ideas
Sliced watermelon with Blueberry Skewers Pink and Green Candy Buffet For a refreshing drink, add watermelon slices to water in a dispenser.
Watermelon Keg Watermelon Watermelon Ideas
Watermelon Keg Melon in Melon by using cookie cutters. Watermelon, Grape and Strawberry Skewers
Watermelon Sticks Watermelon Pops Watermelon Skirts
Watermelon Sticks Watermelon Pops Use a cupcake liner to give your watermelon sticks or pops a skirt to protect hands from drippage.

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