Watermelon Shower Cupcake Wrappers & Party Games

Watermelon Baby Shower Party Ideas


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Seed Spitting Contest
Either measure for distance, or use a target.

Watermelon Eating Contest
Make equal size or weight slices of watermelon and see who can finished theirs first.

Watermelon Bowling

Watermelon Bowling

Paint 2 liter bottles like watermelons; green on the bottom, red and pink on top, with black seeds. Use small watermelons as bowling bowls. Set your bottles up like bowling pins. And… Let’s BOWL!

Watermelon Balloon Game

Watermelon Dart Balloon Game

Simple game of darts. Use green and pink balloons. Use a marker to make seeds on the pink balloons. Secure balloons to the board. I would recommend a cork type board (vs the peg board shown in the photo). Decide on the number of chances to throw the darts. You could also have the prize written on a piece of paper inside one or more of the balloons.

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