What Should I put in my Baby Photo Book

By Andy Ainsworth

Most folks are looking to fill up a baby photo book. It can be hard to know which pictures to put into the book to make it interesting. The best books usually tell a story.

Some parents like to capture the story of the pregnancy, looking for ways to celebrate the coming birth and including pictures from the baby shower and maybe some of the special, small, gifts that they received.

Baby has arrived! And you’re tired but make sure you get some snaps for your baby photo book. You will love the first baby picture for ever and don’t forget about leaving the hospital, another excellent photo opportunity.

Once you get your family home, you will have lots of chances to take some great pictures. The rule is simple, take lots of pictures and take them often. Your baby o=is growing at an amazing rate and you don’t want to miss any priceless moments.

A really nice way to make your monthly pictures stand out is to add something for comparison, I suggest a special outfit that they only wear for these photographs. So as they grow, you can see them gradually out growing the outfit.

Your pictures can also be embellished by adding the baby’s height and weight or maybe noting some of the things that have been happening during the month. Things like first steps and being able to sit up will make your book even more fun.

But please include other things as well, not just baby pictures. Include your home, nursery, family and pets. Your baby will have a family history in pictures to look back on.

You are going to take a lot of pictures during your baby’s first year. Make your baby photo book unique by adding some special pictures to the book and give yourself a way to hold onto some memories for ever.

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