Wild West & Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas

Wild West, Cowboy & Cowgirl Baby Shower Ideas

Cowboys and Cowgirls are a popular baby shower themes, as well as Nursery decorations. Take your guests back to the Wild West and decorate with hay bales, bandannas, cowboy hats, and stick ponies.


Western Ideas
Use a cardboard to make a set prop of a saloon or other building, then dress the “set” with haybales, milkcans, barrels, and other western gear. Simple photo props.
Crate Western Ideas Saloon Doors
Add some horseshoe handles to an old crate and use as a server or decoration. Rustic centerpiece – bandannas, craft store mini haybales, daisies and a cowboy hat and rope. Cute. Make a Saloon Door entrance to your party out of cardboard.
Hula Hoop Wheel

DIY Wagon Wheel with a Hula Hoop

Measure equal-distance for the “spokes” – there should be 8 spokes. Run masking tape across the hoop from one side to the other – 4 strips. Spray paint everything brown and add a cardboard circle in the center. Let dry. Use plain or decorate with vines and flowers.

Cactus Decoration Deadwood Props
Cacti stacked in glass pillars surrounded by candles. Or, make some from thin dowel rods, posterboard, and markers. Make use of items available locally, your home or the neighbors. Find ones that fit your theme. Hay bales, wagon wheels and cowboy hats would be great for any western theme party.
Cowboy Props Cowboy Props Cowboy Props
Photo set from a hay bale, side table of miscellaneous items, a wooden pallet and a wanted poster of cardboard. Use things from around the house, but give them a “cowboy” feel by adding accents like daisies, cactus, and gingham. Watering Hole station made from wooden pallets.
Cowboy Decorations Cowboy Decorations Cow Print Banner
Use barrels and a board plank as a buffet or side table. Cow print balloons Use bandanna and cow print fabrics, make triangles and sew together to make a really cute garland.
Patriotic BBQ Tin Bins
Repurpose some old cowboy boots from your closet or the thrift store into an awesome flower vase. Take old jars wrap them with burlap and then secure with ribbon to match your party’s colors. This is a great idea for smaller areas to minimize space. Use galvanized buckets neatly arranged in a stand to hold plates, tableware, napkins, etc.
BBQ BBQ Patriotic Food
Present your tableware at the place setting presented in a wrapped, decorated bandana. Use any basket you might have to organize your tableware on your buffet line. Wrapped each set with a napkins and brightly colored ribbons. Wrap your serving jars with a cut of fabric and tie off with a rubber band, ribbon or twine – you can leave all your condiments in the original jars AND have them look pretty!
BBQ Cowboy Decorations Cowboy Decorations
Use mason jars to organize your party utensils. Strap them together with and old belt for a unique twist. Daisies in mason jars wrapped with bandannas. Use horseshoes with the name of the person tied to it with raffia as place cards.

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