Your Baby Can Read: Bonding while Learning

Baby ReadingBy Alfred Ardis

Your baby can read: quite a statement to make, but one that parents should heed. It is during the first five years of their life that a child is most easily exposed to learning and developing skills that will lay the foundation for their future education. The award winning program “Your Baby Can Read” can assist parents in preparing their child for school through early learning concepts.

From the moment an infant has the ability to follow a moving object with their eyes, tracking its progress back and forth, the brain is busy at work creating synapses, upwards of 1,000’s every second. Their brain is like fertile ground waiting to be seeded, eager to be stimulated, to learn and develop as they grow. “Your Baby Can Read” is aware of this fertile growth period and can guide parents in how to best make use of this time.

Infants are curious by nature and enjoy learning new things every day. A parent can seat the baby in their lap and read a story, the child’s eyes taking in the pictures and words as their ears hear the words spoken aloud, potentially connecting the word they hear to the one seen on the page. They are learning, so this is a perfect time to introduce them to “Your Baby Can Read.”

From baby to toddler, it is during those years that tens of thousands of new brain connections form and create memories: the brain is stimulated and continues to develop as they grow. Every word they see or hear, a name given to an object, color, number, creature great or small, as they identify letters, people or a favorite toy or food, the child is learning to identify the world around them. This is the perfect opportunity for a second language to be introduced, allowing the toddler to learn two or more languages consecutively.

The recipient of numerous awards, including Teachers Choice Award, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2010, Creative Child Magazine – 2010 Book of the Year Award and the 2010 National Parenting Publications Award-Gold, “Your Baby Can Read” is a program that uses DVDs, books and games to bring joy to learning through interaction and play with the child and their parents. If learning can be a fun and memorable experience, the child will view education as a positive experience and a pleasure, rather than a task to be mastered.

A child who enjoys being read to, will desire to learn to read on their own. The younger the age a child learns to read leads to a love of books that will carry through into their adult life. “Your Baby Can Read” not only teaches parents how to educate their child, but also helps to nurture the child / parent bond through the shared experience of reading and developing a passion for learning.

Education is a vital part of a child’s life. The ability to speak, read, to learn a first, second or third language is a remarkable gift to give a child. “Your Baby Can Read” has identified a way to assist a parent in preparing their child for a positive and successful future.

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