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A baby is only a way of communicating – crying. Everything is very new for them, every feeling, every experience. Sometimes, for a new parent, it can be very difficult to work exactly what your baby is crying about. However, there are some basics that you can check if your baby cries. May it be one or more of them the baby crying.

The best place to start is the layer. If it is wet or dirty, then the baby will be uncomfortable and start crying. If the layers to change, then change it. In most cases, that will solve the problem. Some babies do not have changed their diapers, and often even cry. Mainly it is because they do not like the feeling of being discovered. Thus, the diaper change as quickly and smoothly as possible, to minimize distress. Then cover the baby with a blanket or clothing, so that the baby feels comfortable again.

Babies also be hot. However, it is also possible to overdress a baby, so reasonable about this. When verifying the child, the search for very red skin, to see if the baby is sweating. Each of these signs suggest that the baby is almost certainly too hot. A good rule to dress your baby is one layer more than you wear. If the baby is too hot or cold, then adjust clothing and blankets as a function of temperature.

Then, your child is hungry? Is it that since the last food? What the baby may feed a little less than normal at the last feeding, and thus perhaps hunger fast this time? Try nursing or offering a bottle. Babies need to eat often because they are increasingly so quickly. Often, the action of sucking helps to soothe the baby, even if they are not very hungry. Babies are very good to know when they are tired, and stops. So do not worry too much boost. The baby stopped crying once he was not hungry any more.

After feeding, many babies develop gas. The digestive system of the baby is just developing, and eating is a whole new experience. Sometimes crying means the baby has gas rumbling around in the belly and needs to be burped. Place a cloth over your shoulder and keep the baby against your shoulder so that his stomach is against the front of your shoulder. Make sure the head is forward, or support the head if you can. Rub his back firmly in a circular motion. This puts pressure on the digestive system front and rear, and often rot. Some tapping May also help, but be very careful if you decide to do this – babies are very delicate.

May you find that just taking a walk with the baby on the shoulder of your help. Babies seem to like movement, probably because they are used to being bounced around the uterus. But, who is standing next to a parent is very soothing to a baby. Babies enjoy being held and cuddled – despite some suggestions to the contrary, you can not hold your baby too.

Some babies also, it is very soothing to be swaddled in a small blanket. Langes in total around the baby quite well. The arms are close to the child. In some ways, this feels a bit like the womb to the baby because they were included there too. Sometimes the sudden experience of being able to move around can distress a child. Your healthcare professional should be able to teach children effectively Swaddle. It is important to ensure, however, that the head and neck remain uncovered.

Once you have gone through the list above – check the layers, check the temperature of the baby, try a food or a rot, Swaddle and baby – and the baby still cries, trying to keep the baby nearby and a rhythmic “Shhhh” sound near the baby’s ear. If it sounds a bit like a wave on the beach, great. This is the kind of sounds heard the baby in the womb, and it is often very reassuring and soothing. Some babies are very sensitive to noise, and the average home produces a lot of noise! You can even try listening to the radio station, so you can hear is “white noise”.

Over time, you find that you begin to recognize the difference between your baby cries, and probably not need to go right through the checklist every time baby cries. However, if at any time you think your baby is sick or in pain in May, or if he is still crying even after checking all these things, it is always best to consult your health care professional just to make sure everything goes well.


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